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 Is this really true if you twitch, you're about to have...?
I replied to my friend, you're kidding and he won't reply back. :/ He also ALWAYS joke around. So I believe he's just playing around eh? A Heart Attack?? My finger was twitching ...

 why does my stomach hurt when i drink milk?
so im almost 15. and i wanted to know why my stomach hurts when i drink milk itself but not with any other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ice cream ect. when i drink milk i either burp a ...

 I just felt like fainting, all of a sudden...?
I was at westfield today and going home, i went on the lift went down and after i got out of the lift a few seconds later i felt as if i was falling down and then my legs suddenly felt week and i ...

 Swine flu? influenza? where can I find info? symptoms, etc?
Can i get all info on the internet? I get tons of results about it, but I don't even find really cool info about it. please help!! 10 ...

 How to look taller? help?
well im freshman and im 5'2 my parent are aound my height i always look short comparted to my freinds how do i look taller and dont say get like tall ...

 Why can't I eat cereal?
Every time I eat cereal I get smelly burps, urine, and recently armpits (which i've never had a problem with before). This has been happening since I was in elementary/primary school. I don'...

 I needs help quitting?
ok, so i have been smoking, doing drugs, and drinking since i was 6. I started drinking at 6, followed by smoking and doing drugs at 7. I started doing it because my older brother who was 10 was ...

 Ive been getting really bad stomach aches you know the kind when you about?
to get diarrhea or already got it its wierd 2 days ago i got this really bad ache all over my body arms legs head everywhere that same day i thru up everything i ate i never had that before and still ...

 what happens if you rip your intestines?

 How much damage to my body do you think I have done?
I'm a 16 (17 in a month) year old girl. I have been drinking alcohol since I was 14. I first tried smoking pot when I was 15. During the school year I usually get drunk twice a month. But this ...

 Please help me quick im in pain!?
I have this really bad cold and it is not strep or anything just a bad cold with a bad sore throat and I just wondering if anyone knows a way to get rid of this quick, easy, and painless....

My hair is getting thinner and falling out at the roots, there is always hair everywhere, on my clothes, car etc. According to the Doctor and blood tests, there is nothing wrong with me except maybe ...

 Does ciggaretes and alcohol really age you faster, or is that just exageration?
LIke i see many people say, if you smoke ciggaretes, you would look older, when you are only 30 is that true?...

 is there any drug out there that will cause my hips to grow?
I'm 5"6 , 23yr. Female and I have no hips at all, is there any drug that may have a side effect of causing my hips to grow, I know that some drugs have a side effect of causing weight gain, ...

 I chew around 20 stride gums a day, what are the side effects of chewing so much gum everyday.?
Serving Size: 1 piece Calories<5 Total Fat: 0g Sodium: 0mg Total carb <1g Sugars: 0g Sugar alcohol: 1g Protein: 0g Thanks for replying....

 does crying ever weirdly comfort you?
okay well my hamster died =[ and i wanted to not cry because i'm 12 and it might seem childish and immature to cry about a hamster but i just had to so i went to the bathroom to cry and for ...

 why is this happening to me?
hii guys am 13 year old girl..i don't no sometimes i start crying just like that with out a reason.i laugh first before crying..i don't know why?? i got less marks in science i started ...

 is marijuana actually a mold?
is weed a mold?...

 I have a Size question?
Well, I've been teased all my life about my size I'm 14 about to turn 15 and I'm about Six Foot Four Since i was about 7 I've been made fun of by other kids When I was 7...

 I am 5'2 height and wanna know if i can get any taller if anybody knows of a way to get taller?
my father is about 5'3 and same with my mother my age is 17 and i am really worried i would atleast want to grow a couple ...

First I was sick now im constipated...?
I got really sick 4 days ago and took Imodium for my diarrhea and gravol for throwing up. Basically kept on that till I felt better. Well I feel a bit better BUT It's been 4 days since I've been to the bathroom and my lower abdomen hurts. I already went to the hospital 4 days ago and this was before they knew I was constipated. what do i do...i cant sleep cause my lower tummy feels like it's going to explode and hurts and i dont wanna go to the hospital again cause they will think I'm crazy I already suffer from a panic disorder and see a doctor each week. I'm tired of going to the doctors. oh and I suffer from a panic disorder and think I'm going to die now so someone please tell me it's fine... :(

A really simplle thing you can do is first thing in the morning drink a large glass of warm water and then walk around for like 5 or 10 minutes - i know it sounds too simple, but it really does work and means you dont have to be taking laxatives

Sort of a gross answer here but I think it will help. Have someone go to the drug store for you, you don't sound able to do this yourself, and buy glycerin suppositories. They are next to the Immodium and Pepto, you need to put them up your tush and wait an hour for it to work and then you will be able to use the toilet. No, I'm not making fun, it's a good way to go. You might have to do it 2-3 times but you will go that same day withing hours. Really, this is a real cure.

OK you are not crazy u just need a anenima. Go to your doctors i know he is used to seeing you but it is his job. Remember for constipation can u by metamucil (mucelax) u mix with water and drink this really helps also eat lots of fruit like kiwifruit,prunes drink lots of water please go and get medical helpput a warm hottie on your tummy untill u get there it may be related to u being sick. My sister also has panic attacks and I must congradulate you in understanding and acknowledging that you have them. Well done. We are still trying to help her controll them she finds taking a drink of water with her every where is a slight help and tapping.Good luck

if you think you have constipation then make sure you eat things that help clear out your system when i was younger i used to get constipation a lot and it isn't nice so i always had prunes and prune juice they always helped also another thing is liquorice i didn't really like either but they helped me. although you don't like going to the doctors if it keeps up for the next couple of days still then you really should go and if you don't want to go back to thehospital go somewhere else or go to a chemist and ask someone if they can give you anything to help! get well soon =]

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