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Does hand sanitizer (Purell) work as a deodorant?

No, it dosen't!!! Y have u try it yet???

Theoretically, it might work to kill the bacteria under your arms that are producing the odor, but it would be a hassle to make it work because you would need to keep reapplying. Plus, it's not an anti-perspirant, so you'll still sweat.

Couldn't hurt to try it if you forgot to put on deodorant.

no it does not

Not really, and it probably isn't a great idea. In order to kill germs on your hands, the sanitizer contains strong chemicals and is designed to dry out your skin. Sounds good, huh? Not really... You don't want to dry out your underarms, you WANT to keep them moist. Having super dry skin under there can lead to rashes and irritation. Moisturize them with deodorant and nothing else.

Hope this helps!

No...I think it just spreads the icky smell around. It would disinfect, but not kill the odor.
I have HEARD that plain old soap works though.

um... NO!!!!!

of course not

Hand sanitizer is for hands. It might work o fight the germs and bacteria under your arms and then apply deoterant. But that just seems like asking if just lotioning under arms is good enough and that aint either. There is a reason why different products have different names, they are intended for different parts of the body. Plus purell and regular deoderant is about the same price so why would you even ask that?

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