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 What happen to a person that falls in a pool in the winter time and stay outside in the cold weather ?

 Why should we care about the air quality?

 please help!!!!!???????!!!?
So I'm in high school and we only have 5 minutes for passing period, i always go to the bathroom during passing period because i drink lots of water. sometimes i cant pee because i get too ...

 How long can I stay in the sun without getting a tan?
As for race, I am not white, yet I am not black either, I'm something else lol. Anyways, me and my mother both seem to tan quite easily. And So I ask you, how long can I stay in the sun without ...

 what happens to you if you snort tobacco?
i wanna knw cuz my grandma does it nd i want her to stop!...

 My neck broke and my head still gushing blood?
I asked a question like this almost an hour ago. I fell down my stairs backwards and hit my head now it seems theres a hole in my head and a bunch of bllod. I've been bleeding almost an hour so I...

 what kind of medicin do i get to sto the vomiting sikness?

 What are these symptoms of? please help!?
I have been experiencing these symptoms for the past few days:
1.) insomnia - lie in bed for 2 hours or more, it is very hard to fall asleep
2.) loss of appetite - dont feel like eating ...

 Does 3D television/ movies have any negative health side effects?
3D seems to be the craze this past year with movies that are shot in 3D motion picture. Television are also taking advantage of this craze by also creating 3D televisions. However, are there any ...

 What am I supposed to drink after getting my tonsils out?
Okay so.
We have Milk, Arizona Tea, Soda & Water.
I really want to have Arizona Tea - It's Green Tea, with Honey & Ginseg. And apparently the nurse told my mom I wasn't ...

 What might cause dizziness , stomach discomfort and vomiting ?
Blood test urine test heart scan showed nothing, sometimes a lot of sweat comes with the symptoms ...

 How long do you stay "sick" before going to the Dr?
I have had a persistent sore throat and a bit of a cough for about 8 days now... I was trying to just wait it out, thinking it's just a cold and will go away on its own, but it doesnt seem to be ...

 Is there a way to remove earwax without chemicals?

 I was walking up my stairs and tripped and fell and hit my head. Now it's gushing out blood. What to do?
The back of my head is gushing out a lot of blood. I tried putting a Band-aid on it but that got soaked in blood in about 30seconds. HELP WHAT DO I DO!!!...

 Is it possible to store clean urine in a water bottle for a few months to use in future drug tests to pass?
or would the tests show up as tainted?...

 is smoking bad for you?
i am doing a paper of should smoking be banned in public places and i just need some advice about this paper i am doing but i dont want u to write it i just need some ...

 how can i stop falling asleep in class?
ok so in my first 2 classes in the morning ive been falling asleep, sometimes i manage to keep myself awake but other times i cannot keep my eyes open and im not exaggerating i honestly cant keep my ...

 How is this possible?


 what was it that i saw?
So today after skool i went outside like normal until my best friend told me that "somebody" was sitting on the benches inside. i went to look an it was my crush :D and so im "omg"...

 how do find who u are meant to be?
Im going through a lost and confused stage, and i really need to find myself, and who i really am and who i can be comfortable as but i don't know how to do it:/. Do i do it alone or with people ...

Can starvation cause brain damage?
My mother always says if you do not eat all day, your brain will be damaged. I can understand how not eating for a week would kill you, but how is starvation, long or short term, related to brain damage?

Extreme Procrastinator
it could mean two things.
1. your mother is trying to scare you in to eating food cause she cares about you
2. your brain will be damaged in a way that all you can think about is food and can not concentrate on anything else
long term starvation does not cause brain damage directly, meaning if you pass out because you are exhausted from not enough energy intake, your head will most likely hit something and possibly cause permanent brain damage.
long term starvation affects other organs besides the brain. this diseases is called malnutrition, where the body lacks vital nutrients and energy intake eventually leading to death, which is not good! so eat well.

Malnutrition starves your brain cells of nutrients they need to function. Long-term starvation/malnutrition can lead to stunted growth & even mental retardation.

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