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Can marijuana make your heart beat fast?
I smoked a blunt yesterday and ever since about 24 now my heart has been racing and I'm kinda dizzy. I'm 15 and I know I shouldn't have tried it but now I'm scared. Will this pass or do i need to see a doctor. I scared to tell my parents I don't know what to do.

g g
go tell your parents! hurry up that's very serious! go tell them!

you could die...
your a dumbass

Christy SD Nurse
This is normal and it will pass. Good reason to stay away form drugs

auntie emmie
easy dont smoke marijuana

Liberty FTW
Surely does make your heart rate increase temporarily.
But do not panic, it will only make it worse.
Just relax.

i think you got some bad **** man! seriously im pretty sure you smoked a crack laced blunt and maby a little bit of angel dust in it to

Personally I used to smoke pot when I was in High School and one time I felt just like that, not just "high" but different than that but didn't think anything of it and kept it up. Then one day I crashed hard... my hart was beating like crazy, I couldn't breath very well and I was very dizzy and scared. That put me into a panic and brought out what my therapist said I had just not active... Panic Disorder with Anxiety attacks. They could have been started and caused by thing or smoking pot could have just brought it out. All I know is that why take the chance? I live day to day in panic and am on many meds. Just stop cold turkey and enjoy life. If it is because of your friends and they are all doing it then just choose not to yourself. There is nothing wrong with that and if they are your true friends then they will be ok with your choice. Good luck to you.

you are prolly fine it happened to me once when i got super high the first time. i was also really nervous cuz i thought i got caught that might have played into it. but unless it gets bad should be fine.

This is probably not the marijuana anymore, you are having an anxiety attack. Try to take deep breaths and relax. You will be fine. It will pass. Try to go do something that you really enjoy doing to take your mind off of it.

yah, it should pass, but if it doesnt you should get a doctors imput on it.
basically don't do it too much or it may get worse as time goes

Scream Your Secrets
i think so

MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe
At almost always has the opposite effect, unless you are paranoid (which you seem to be), which will cause nervousness and an increased heart rate.

booty bandit
You should be fine. Please pass that joint around man and share your herbs.

Sharron H
It is the blunt paper that does that to you, not the weed. Stay away from blunts. But it should have slowed down by now.

fernando 86
yes it does you be fine just take a nap and ill go away on its own , it depends how high were ( i didnt mean to press the report abuse button sorry

You are fine. It happened to me several times. It is just panic. Take deep slow breaths through your nose, and breath out as quickly as you can for a few breaths. Watch a movie you've seen a million times already, eat some mac and cheese, and you'll feel better in no time :-)

I have smoked for a long time now and a heart racing for weed is most likely because you a nervous about doing it for the first time and the smoking makes you paranoid which makes your brain freak out and your heart rate increase just watch tv or something. it will go away real quick JUST TAKE YOUR MIND OF OF IT and you will feel better if you don't by later tonight or it gets worse tell someone.

Max Power
Yes, absolutely. More so in noobs than in experienced smokers. It will pass when most of it gets out of your system, about 2-3 days.

Yes...don't worry. Some people get tachycardia from smoking pot. It'll pass. Definitely think twice before smoking again...

Marijuana can cause increased heart rate and dizziness. These are short term effects though and should go away. It is good that you realize you shouldn't have tried it. We all make mistakes though and can learn from them. If you do not feel like you can tell your parents what is happening right now you should for sure tell another trusted adult. Maybe a teacher, neighbor, pastor or school counselor. However, remember that your parents love you and would rather you be honest with them if you need help. Best of luck to you and stay away from those drugs... no good future there and as you can see firsthand they are dangerous and very bad for the body.

It should pass. Don't worry too much about it. It's a first time thing with a heavy amount--a blunt is a lot.

it can do more then that to you. your best bet is just leave the junk alone.

Ricky A
I would go to the doctor. The doctor wont tell your mom if you dont want him too. Do you know who rolled it. Might be something else in there that you didnt know about.

There could have been something laced in the marijuana... If this doesn't subside within a few hours, you should confess to your parents what you did and that you think there might be a problem. They'll be extremely angry, but they will be happier that you came to them.

Ulises Zanetti
ha ha ha ha ha
DON"T TELL YOUR parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i smoke weed every now and then but i can tell you itsnormal.
you are just peranoid.
just chill and let it pass

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