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Can marijuana be used as a mood stabilizer? (Bipolar Disorder)?
I am doing research on marijuana and its medical properties. I have read quite a few articles that say it can be used effectively as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder. Preventing mania by relaxing and calming the user and alleviating depression. Can anyone give me your input and any sources you have found on this subject? It would be greatly appreciated.

no not a moood stabilizer , because if you are manic . yes , it will calm you and then you will have extreme anxiety and then you will go into a manic state or depression. plus MJ is not good for people who are on meds or people who are generally depressed.

I belong to a very large Bipolar support group and the subject has come up a number of times. It is different for everyone. Some swear by it and others become paranoid and anxious when they smoke..... It seems to always be about a 50/50 split among those who are Bipolar abotu whether or not it works. It does not work for me, it causes anxiety and severe depersonalization.

Marijuana slows everything down for most people. I do not equate "mood stabilizer" with something that actually dulls ones senses. I have worked with long term users, and it makes them so mellow as to keep them from being normally alert. They are not great to have running machinery in a factory. Another side effect of long term users is faded memory and general social unrest and paranoia. I would never call this an improvement of one's mind or mental capabilities.

Mood stabilizer- HELL YES! As far as the whole bipolar thing, not sure what it would do, so no advice there. -Knowledge26

Fernando S.
I highly doubt it since marijuana rather enhances the feeling of the user (it 'amplifies' their thoughts/feelings).

unusual cow
Marijuana can act as both a stimulant or a depressant. It might relax the user, or it could cause an increased heart rate and mood swings.

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