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 im 14 and 5ft 4. i heard that theres 30cm in a foot so i will never grow!!?
30 cm is loads!! how am i suppose to reach 5ft 6 and ...

 What's the most addictive Drug?
I know there's a drug that you don't have to do too many times to get hooked... i just forgot the name....

 Freakishly Tall Girl!?!?
Okay so I am 13 years old and I am about 5' 9" and I am way taller than any of the girls in my class and the tallest guy is like 5'6". Do you think it is kind of weird that I am ...

 Please help! Best answer gets 10 points!!?
What a fast and easy way to lose my voice? Please just answer don't ask :) Thanx!! (:...

 help me to have peace live from tinnitus?

 What time should i sleep on a school night?

 What can I do about my eyes?
I've recently lost all of my contacts, I was on my last pair about 4 days ago, and one fell out while I was at work.. If I go to order my contacts tomorrow morning is there anyway they would be ...

 i h am having a problem with my croch area...please help?
1) it is really itchy 2) it smells evn though i wash Please help ......i want to no if there is any over the counter medication i could use....thank ...

 I want to grow taller and straighten my spine, is an inversion table or rowing machine the way forward?
I heard inversion table help with posture and reposition spine due to the gravitational effect . . .but is this true. I am 5ft 7 and want to at least be 6ft, my dad is 6ft 1 and mum 5ft 1, so that is ...

 how long would weed stay in my system?
how long wuld it stay in my system if it was my second time I've smoked and wen wuld my urin be clean? iam skinny about 1 hundred and 17 pounds and have bin drinking cranberry juice ...

 How come I can't get rid of my acne?
3 months ago, I visited my doctor and he prescribed me BenzaClin. It is a cream that is for tropical treatment of moderate acne vulgaris. The cream is 1% as phosphate and 5% as benzoyl peroxide. A...

 Have humans always slept at night?

 I have weird white splotches in the back of my throat.. What can this be?
They're only on the left side, and until a little bit ago i thought it was my ear that hurt. I went to the doctor yesterday, and tests for and ear infection and for strep throat came back ...

 Does marijuana cause mental illness?
Does marijuana cause mental illness?...

 guys,(and girls if you want) what do you think?
i just wanna know how people see me. people say my confidence is lower than it should be. but i have like zero confidence. oh and how old do i look? http://www.flickr.com/ph...

 I can't sleep at night, only during the day!! D:?
Well, I'm 14 and this started about a year and a half ago, I can only sleep during the day, not at night, I've tried staying up all night but then by the time its night again, I end up ...

 My girlfriend always have series of her stomach hurting all the time, any suggestions?
for some reason she has random problems with her stomach. She is not pregnant, she doesn't eat things that she shouldn't. Her stomach for some reasons hurt and i would like to know what the ...

 Weird symptoms, what could be wrong?
Hi, I have some strange symptoms and my doctor can't figure out what is wrong. My symptoms are: - fatigue - low resting heart rate (46) - dizziness when standing up - low blood ...

 What could a buzzing/vibrating/low-level electric current feeling in my body be? Also, rocking back and forth?
When I sit still, or especially when I go to sleep, I have this feeling that a low-level electric current is going through me, or sometimes when I'm sitting up, that I am rocking back and forth, ...

 How to increase lung capacity?
I smoke cigarettes and weed, and I'm wondering how I can increase my lung capacity to take a bigger rip from a bong without coughing my liver out....

Can dog urine be used to pass a drug test?
i need to pass a urine drug test, and i was wondering if i put dog pee in it if it would work? its one of those home drug tests.

Why not just get another human being to pee in it..? That sounds easier & smarter

HA ha that is so funny. How you gonna get a dog to pee in a cup...Hahahaha NO!

Ted Monroe
thats disgusting and how in the world would you get your dog to piss in a cup anyhow?

haha that's a good idea. on here it says you can http://www.neonjoint.com/passing_a_drug_test/substitution.html it's on the very bottom and their are more ways you can pass it too! :) hope this helped!

If Its A Home Test It Might Work But At The Doctors It Wont xD

you actually think testers are stupid enough not to know the difference?

Yuck. I have no idea.

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