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Can a Child drown after accidentally swallowing a large amount of water in the bathtub?
My 12 month niece swallowed a large amount of water in the bathtub after falling on her back. What I have heard is that you can drown after several hours afterward. I am wondering if I should be worried about it or not.

I'm not sure but I think maybe a kid could aspirate it into their lungs.

James Bukie
the real question is did she cough after swallowed?

if she did it is possibly the water got it in the lungs, then there is the possibility of dying. in this case go to hospital and get it checked

if she didn't she should be fine

It is actually possible. How much water did she take in? A really large amount of water can lower the body's sodium level, swell the tissues, and cause health issues if a very large amount is ingested quickly.
It's not how much you take in but how quickly they take it in.

Beth G
If you are worried, please call the local hospital and speak with an ER doctor or nurse. Or take her in. Better to be safe then sorry, wondering.

you can drown after a you swallow a lot of water. If she stars coughing later and fell tired would call the doctor and tell them just to be on the same side.

jay jay...
I don't believe that is possible, because drowning would happen almost instantly, but I think you should call the doctor or hospital just to double check on that. It would be the same as if she swallowed a large amount of water in the swimming pool. If she coughed up and is breathing then you most likely don't have anything to worry about. You could also check webmd.com.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Drinking water is not the same as breathing water. If you drink too much water, even for a baby, the worse that happens is you throw up the fluid. Quit listening to stupid people, your esophagus is a different tube than your trachea.

Is she coughing, to drown you have to inhale water not swallow. But remember that you can drown in just a teaspoon of liquid.

only if it got in her lungs. might want to go to the hospital just in case, yahoo answers is not the place for life or death medical advice

yea possibly pat her on the back and she will maybe burp and puke

its possible. i'd see a doctor immediately

A person drowns when the water gets into his/her lungs.

no man they cant but if they drink ALOT they can but no she wont

You can not drown from swallowing water. The worst that will happen is that her stomach will bloat. You drown by not receiving oxygen because of the water.

pamela t

Not really. She swallowed it.

No. You stated the child swollowed the water, not aspirated it.

I don't think so.

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