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 Why am I so dizzzzy ?
I woke up yesterday and I was feeling really dizzy. I was dizzy all day yesterday, and when I woke up today I was still dizzy but it was less intense. Now it's almost gone, but I still get dizzy ...

 Is this a normal weed high? Plz plz tell me.?
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 I think I have a short attention span? Read info, please.?
I think I have a short attention span. For instance, this morning I wanted to use my earphones so I went to my room. Instead of getting my earphones, I noticed my curtains closed, so I opened them. T...

 what kind of lung infection do i have?
I'm 15, never been to the hospital since i was 5 ( i was in acute kidney failure )
So im not really big on going to the doctors. well for the past 2 weeks ive been having problems.
at ...

 need help finding adderall for severe adhd ?? super important !?
iknoo it sounds like im some druggy who really wants to lose weight or something but i have severe adhd . so i need my adderall and im almost out . i had a party last night and someone stole all of ...

 I got pencil lead in my hand?
I accidentally poked myself with a mechanical pencil and you can see the little lead spot how can I take it ...

 Is it legal for a doctor to do this?
I'm 18 and I still live with my mom, and after an appointment my doctor released medical information to her over the phone. I know he's not allowed to do this because anything I tell him is ...

 What's wrong with me?
So, I haven't been able to eat as much as I have needed. My body just simply wont let me. When I feel like I'm on the verge of starving, I eat one bread roll, and I can't eat anymore. M...

 My ear feels weird any ideas?
Every few minutes the inside makes a weird sound and feels like its twitching. Any idea What it is?...

 Question for alcoholics? Help me to understand?
Can an alcoholic explain to me what makes drinking so good. I mean, I can understand wanting to get a little buzz or have a few drinks, that does feel good. But what drives you to drink until you ...

 Is it okay to smoke weed to relieve nausea?
I often experience nausea and I was wondering if it's ok to use marijuana everytime it occurs. I have doctor prescribed antiemetics but when I attempt to swallow the pills I get real ...

 How can I tell if I have broken my hymen?
With out goin to the doctor. Is there a way?...

 Pass a drug hair test?
Here's the story: I quit smoking almost a month ago, but I took a hit like 2 weeks ago. I applied for a job today that hair tests. I really am quitting smoking for good. can u guys help me in ...

 Why do I like the sound of my heart beat?
When I have trouble falling asleep I just listen to my heart beat and it relaxes me.. it makes me feel human and alive but it's so calming.. my heart beat reminds me I am human, and reminds me ...

 Is my right leg weird?
Ok this started happening about 2 weeks ago. Out of no where my leg muscles in and around my calves in my right leg will start like pulsing. I'll be laying down or walking down the street or ...

 Good ways of helping your sleeping pattern improve?
I have a horrible sleep pattern. It used to be I would sleep at about 3am to 11am in the day. Now I am waking at 1:40am and going to sleep at about 3 in the day. I really need some help to get my ...

 after you donate blood do they sell it?
i wanted to know, i know sometimes they give you money but do they go off and sell it to someone lets say who had a accident and is in need of a blood transfusion?...

 Why does this happen when I smoke weed?
Okay so I get really really paranoid when I smoke and I start twitching out of nowhere. It's really weird..

and Honesly most of the time even when I'm not high I always feel ...

 Is it bad to get a haircut when you have a full stomach?
Does anything happen if you get a haircut right after you ate a ...

 really concerned...advice?
ok so first off...my bestfriend has ADHD. well one day, she didn't take her medicine. the way she was acting reminded me of myself. so i was curious and looked up some symptoms online. i have a ...

I am Me
Am I Living in a Previous Meth-Lab?
My family just moved and we are presently renting an older home. Soon after moving everything into our new place, we were told by some of our neighbors that our home was previously a "drug house". They did not specify and say it was a "Meth-House" but we are concerned it might have been. Since moving in, we have experienced symptoms such as: Frequent migraines, constant drowsiness, depression/mood-swings, persistent sore throat, cough & other 'cold-like' symptoms. Our daughter has even developed a weird rash on her arms.
Are these possible effects from living in a previous Meth-lab or is it just a coincidence? What are the long-term effects of exposure to residual Meth toxins?

Vito D
definent from meth! get out quick!

Unfortunately, it sounds as if you ARE living in a previous "Meth-Lab". Symptoms do usually included (but are not limited to) Migraine headaches, depression/mood-swings, drowsiness and cold-like symptoms. You need to leave as quickly as you can for the long-term health & safety of your family and especially your daughter, as children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of Meth toxins.
Long-term exposure to these toxins has been known to cause various Cancers, Kidney problems, Miscarriage (often permanent infertility issues) & birth-defects, respiratory problems and other health issues.
It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to completely disinfect a meth-house as the toxins penetrate EVERYTHING from your counters, to your floor, to your attic and drywall. I'm so sorry you got caught up in this mess, moving is strenuous enough without these added pressures. Best of luck to you.

Yes you MUST get out of there! Especially if you have a young child

Yes this is not good. You need to get out at once. Also notify the police and landlord.

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