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 My eyelash twitches...?
I've looked it up and lots of people have the same thing as me. People have said it is because of potassium. I don't know if it will work or not but if so, what foods have potassium in it?...

 Too much fiber causing constipation?
I was constipated since 2 mndays a go... and like around sunday of last week or monday I ate 6 bars of nutrigrain bars... did i re-constipate myself? I am able to go but I have to push... thanks....

 What is this quick random sharp pain in my left ear?
It just started yesterday out of the blue. At completely random times I'll get a really insanely sharp pain in my left ear. It last for like a millisecond and then nothing.

The only ...

 Can you get mouth ulcers from late nights / not enough sleep?

 Is theresomething wrong with me? help please?
this is genuine answers only please, basically i have a poblemb with cetain noises, anything like people eating or the sound of breathing o people sniffing when they have a cold,. any noise that is ...

 Serious medical concern (rear end)?
Please some one help and don't laugh. For the past week, these chunky, gooey green lumps have been coming out of my rear-end. They are about the size of a quarter and I don't even fell them ...

 Should I get a medical coding certificate?
I was told the industry is hard to get into. Is that true? Should I still pursue anyway? Or should I go to another career path?...

 should i take him to the doc now or wait?
all of the sudden my son got a huge lump on the side of his neck. it looks like a swollen gland but it is really swollen. he was eating lunch at thee time he noticed it and it was painful to open his ...

 what could be wrong? severe chest pain?
okay so my boyfriend woke up this morning with moderate pain in his chest. when he arches his back or presses on it it feels worse. over the course of the day it has been getting worse. its on his ...

 I am A+, my brother is O+. Can we figure out our parents' blood types?
Assuming we have the same parents, of course. Thanks!...

 Q-Tips (cotton swaps) in the ear safe?
So I clean my ears out with a q-tip after every shower, is that safe to do? I been doing for like many many years now every single day. I heard some people say is not safe, but I told them it is ...

 is it good or bad to clean you ears with cotton swabs?
so is it good or bad??...

 Non smokers how would you indulge if it becomes legal the smoking of marijuana?
There is a Proposition to legalize the smoking of marijuana here in California, I'm just curious if in case become legal how would the non smokers indulged?...

 Why can't I sleep? Why am I not tired?
Wednesday night I went to sleep at 10pm and woke up at 100am and couldn't back to sleep. I was wide awake. I fell asleep around 1pm Thursday for about One hour. I went to bed that night at 930pm ...

 I'm a new smoker. I GET DIZZY. IS IT NORMAL?
I got/get dizzy...buti t's going away a bit...is this normal?, I'm 15. DO NOT WARM ME ABOUT LUNGS AND STUFF....i don't smoke that much..half a cigarette in like ... a few days...i'...

 Can I effectively wash away pinworms with cold water?
My family is going through a hard time and we don't have gas in our house, consequently there is only cold water. To add misfortune, I now have pinworms. I need to know if I will just keep ...

 How do I improve my immune system?
I am a teenage girl. What things should I do to improve my immune system?...

 does blue cross and blue shield nj for federal employess cover gastric bypass?
i have pcos also
im 20
and i just summited my paperwork to the office which will send in to my insurance.....i have bcbs fed ppo
i need to know of any in the state of nj


 Is it unhealthy to work more than 12 hours a day consistently?
Are there long term effects?
I have to have 3 jobs + independent contracting & I usually end up working 12-16 hours a day but I am getting increasingly exhausted. How can I continue to work ...

 Can smoking only a couple times hurt you ?
Ive smoked only about 5 times , could that do anything ? & im talking about ...

why does head always feel like it's swimming?
Everyday my head feels swimmy, and my eyes get tired really quickly, I do have to use glasses so I don't think that it is that. As far as I know my blood pressure isn't high. Any ideas?

This can happen due to the following reasons :

1. You are anemic
2. You drink too little water - less than 3000ml daily
3. You sit too long in front of a Computer
4. Your work place is not properly lit
5. The gap between your eyes and your Note Book is less than 10 inches
6. Your Blood Pressure could be LOW , please do not presume anything.
7. You are suffering from acute constipation

Sheena Kin
it is not a good thing, you should go to see doctor.

It is a bad idea to guess when it comes to your health. Go see a doctor.

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