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 are all poisons undetectable?
What is the best way to do this without it being detected in the human body?...

 i am a 25 yr old, i am 171cm tall and weigh only 56kg.. what is the average weight for my height??

 whay is bone marrow?

 euthanasia: to live beyond nature or to die with dignity?
It's an important question to ponder as the largest generation in our history are becoming the largest senior citizens population in the world. Technology can take over our natural body ...

 Biting nails?
I've been biting my nails all my life, I'm 16+, and ready to stop, isn't it dirty and gross, and unhealthy? I've tried the "NO BITE" polish, but it doesnt help, any ...

 Why shouldn't I use any dairy products while taking antibiotics?
I've been given a strong dos of antibiotics to help with my middle ear infection and sinusitius. And I've been told to avoid dairy products - but all of the reasons why got lost on me ...

 How can aroma therapy help in improving personal health?

 does anyone know a way to get rid of exzema in the form of little red spots on the back of the arms?
It's something that runs in my family.I've tried E45 cream and aloe vera and propolis....

 Is juice good for you when you have gout?

 What is the best cure for eczema, I mean an OTC cure?

 I Need Medical Help!!?
I think I may be getting asthma or something like that. Since Feb. (I had the flu the entire month) I 've had mucus in my throat and it won't go away!! Could this be broncithis (I used to ...

 What is the most accurate digital blood pressure monitor?
I am currently using the Omron Brand digi monitor and it really differs with the aneroid sphygmomanometer. (Can't operate the aneroid by myself)...

 what kind of doctor gives anastetic shots?

 I have throat seeds that smell really bad and sometimes come up when I cough. How can I get rid of them?
the throat "seeds" as they are called, come into my mouth about once a month. It almost looks like corn kernals except they smell really bad. It seems like they might be plaque that gets ...

 Why does my friend's child was lighter, as compared to my child who is of the same age & near about same weigh
When i took my friends's child he was lighter.Is it because of density of bone that for some children we feel light & some are heavy, although they are of same age & near about same ...

 Is Biofreeze FDA approved and payable under CMS guidelines?

 Does anyone have the official website of tycos stethoscopes?

 what are some home remedies for a 2nd degree sunburn?

 why havei got these blood spots appearing on my skin?
i am a 21 year old female and since i woz about 15 i had 1 or 2 on my skin,but recently in past 6months theyv got worse and iv now probebly got about 20,some on my hands,some on my arms and some on ...

 ASA 325mg on hospital discharge papers?
What does ASA 325mg po daily under the medications mean on hospital discharge papers?...

why do i cough when i sing or when i talk for a long time?
hi guys. i notice that i cough a lot of time when i sing or when i talk for a long period. It is happening for a while now. it happened b4. i remember i had the flu some months ago..but its over. BUt why do i cough whenever i use my voice? thx

When you talk or sing too much, your vocal cords become irritated. When your vocal cords become irritated, you cough.

maybe your month is dry

it could have a lot to do with stress

You cough because your throat is dry.It happens to me sometimes.

Massive Mann
God is trying to tell you to stop.....S T O P ! !

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