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 Should I get this checked out?
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 Where can I find cheap medicines? My husband and I are unemployeed and have lost our health insurance.?
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 My 7 year old brother has something weird going on?
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 Why is that everytime I drink beer and go to lay down I feel my head spinning and want to puke though im....?
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 What exactly is a umbicial hernia? Is it considered major or minor? Serious replies only!!!?

 What are the side effects of having marijuana in your system while undergoing general anesthesia? Be specific.
I was about to go under general anesthesia and the doctor wouldn't do it but I had smoked a week before, however he rescheduled me for four days later. I want to know what the problems would be ...

why do doctors listen to a patients heart beat through their back?
when they put the stethascope (sp?) against your back they tell you to take a deep breath. what's up with that?

Because they can hear it just as well there and it it less invasive, especially for women, than putting it around the breasts. Asking you to take a deep breath, makes the heartbeat more audible.

They are listening to the different cavities of your lungs for crackles or sounds of distress in your lungs. The right lung has two cavities and left has three. They also listen for sounds of murmurs which is a wooshing sound

They're not listening to your heart - they're listening to your lungs!

They are listening to the quality of your breathing. They can tell if you have fluid building up in your lungs and don't have to listen to the pumping of your heart when they check from the back.

they are listening to your lungs, the inhale and exhale, listening for congestion

blow into a womans ears and you will hear it whistle

Kiss my Putt!
it's your posterior lung sounds they are auscultating....not your heart tones.

where do you want them to put the stethoscope on the toes .
the sound of the vibration of the heart is strongest from the back ,just put your ear on your back and listen for yourself,and then put your ear on your chest ,and you will hear the difference

Largely to get different perspectives on the sounds the valves are making as they function and check for pulmonary odema.

Fitchurg Girl
it's your lungs, you nimrod!! But I know you knew that, so I can bust your balls

I'ts actually your lungs they are listening to.

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