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 how can i pass a employee drug test by drinking water is it possible if i can get it the pot out by tomorrow?
how much water do i have to drink? i really need this job some one help please.all i smocked was weed....

 I have a white blister in my throat...what could it be?
Any ideas? I am calling the Dr. on Monday. It's just one white thing, it hurts, its like the size of a pencil eraser....

what is the over the counter equivalent of vicodin?

Renae T
nothing I've found. need hydrocodone myself.....


There is no OTC equivalent

Get real...there isn't one!!!

There isn't anything close. That is why it is a PX.

There is none.

Motrin, because there is not an OTC for Vicoden there is only Generic's such as Oxycodone (sp)

When you find one please share with the rest of us RX lovers.

if you get an answer let me know, i could use something for my knee

The only way you can get vicodin is by prescription......

even the generic one...

no over the counter medication will be as strong as vicodin

I love therapy
Hydrocodone is the generic version of Vicodin. Oxycodone is the generic version of percocet. These are both prescription meds. There are online websites that charge you a Dr's consultation fee if you are willing to provide your personal information along with the problem you are requesting the medicine for. I believe most of these sites charge quite a hefty fee for both the meds and the doc's consultation. Codine, hydrocodone and oxycodone are all in the opiate drug family and are can be very habit forming. They great for treating pain short term but, like most other pain meds it doesn't take long for your body to build up a tolerance. This means you need to take increasingly larger doses to get the same pain relief. Good luck and hope the pain gets better!

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