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what does it mean my hands shake when i hold them out?
i hold my hands out and the sort of twitch...it happens all the time. Could is be some sort of problem? I know the parkinsens does that but this isn't that dramatic.

Don't hold your hands out.
problem solved.

Amanda M
it could be low blood sugar, btu thats more of a shaky thing.

♥ tajo
I'm hypoglycemic, my hands shake a lot when my blood sugar drops. For normal people, this happends also.

Could be nothing could be preParkinsons. How much caffiene do you ingest if alot cut back and see if that helps.

It depends on the kind of twitch and when it occurs. See your doctor.

It means some one is introducing themselves to you and shaking your hand, say hello to them.

nervous or stressed...??? see a doctor

you did not mention if you are young or old, not that it matters though , my guess is it could be a neurological problem that can be fixed. also when i was young i started drinking Maxwell house coffee, i lived in new york and parents allowed young teenagers to drink coffee, but by the time i moved down south and started working in a factory my hands would shake as though i was on drugs or needing to have a drink lol. i went to the doctor and the remedy was to stop drinking that maxwell house coffee. too much caffeine will have you jittery and can make your hands shake.

lainey lain
Yes try cutting back on the caffeine. Also are you nervous by nature, try some relaxation techniques or deep breathing exercises. Also if you drink a lot of alcohol this happens if you need a drink! And as stated when your blood sugar drops you will have tremors, try small frequent feedings maybe you need to eat more often. Of course if the problem persists you should see a Doctor and discuss with him or her!

There are a number of things that can cause tremors. You'll note that the previous respondent discussed with their doctor. You should do the same to be sure it is not something that needs attention.

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