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 I Sleep All The Time!!?
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what causes me to be dizzy when i walk?
im 27 yrs old. i do wear glasses...i feel dizzy when i walk and sometimes like my head is foggy. My head also hurts a little around my forehead....cud this be my glasses or eyesight? its been goin on for a while now....and no one seems to know whats causing it. Its everytime i walk i feel dizzy as if im goin to fall. can someone shed some light on this for me...thanks so very much!

See your health care provider as soon as possible. Probably not your eye glasses but can be your middle-ear infection. Untreated middle ear infections sometimes lead to severe complications, such as mastoiditis, brain abscesses, or meningitis. Sudden hearing loss, headache, dizziness, chills, and fever and possible warning signs. And good luck.

Get an MRI You could have early stage Multiple Sclerosis. When diagnosed in time, you could be saved.

Just try to breathe sometimes we don't even notice it but we are not taking deep enough breaths which causes a lack of oxygen to the brain in turn causes you to become dizzy. You also may want to check with a doctor because you might have low blood pressure and in time you might start blacking out if you don't start eating healthier, getting enough sleep, or drinking enough water. I know because I used to get dizzy all the time and just last week a blacked out and found all these new tid bits of information! Hope you don't get to the point of blacking out! Check your blood levels too might not have enough red blood cells to carry the oxygen you need.

i'm 14 and that happens to me. you could be anemic or you could have bad cholesterol or you aren't eating healthy enough.

Low blood pressure maybe. I have low blood pressure and I black out sometimes when walking or standing for a while.

An inner ear infection can cause that, I'd contact your doctor.

Lisa S
i feel the same way when i run for a long time it could be lack of sugar... try more fruits.. and drink more water

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