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what can i take to get xanax and vicodin out of my system by tomorrow?
i was hurt falling of my garage roof trying to make a repair today. My mother gave me a norco or high strength vicodin and 3 xanax .5 mg's i just recieved a call about starting new job tomorrow night and have to submit a urine test by tomorrow afternoon

Nothing can be done to make the process of eliminating Xanax or Vicodin faster because their half lives in the system are fixed. With Xanax, it takes 6 to 12 hours to make each dose twice as little as compared to what you have taken. Then 6 to 12 hours to make the rest twice as little, then 6 to 12 hours again and again, until it is almost eliminated or made invisible for testing.

Medicine Woman
The Xanax will be out, it is short term and is out of the body in a matter of a few hours so no need to worry about that one. The vicodin may still be there depending on the strength. Drink a lot of water and tea. Tea is a natural diuretic and will keep you peeing. You may luck out and it may not show up but the Xanax is not a problem, I know because I take it every day for tremors and the Dr added Ativan to take with it because it is short term and doesn't keep the tremors away until my next dose of medicine is due. Ativan lasts much longer. Good luck

Amy Smith
Is your mother trying to kill you? No doctor would ever allow those meds to be used together in that amount. It could be lethal. The drug test is the last thing you should be worrying about.

Hi,well since you're just taking this drug test for a possible job,then why not explain to you're possible future employer,that you were taking a prescription medication.I'm not even sure that companies test for these kinds of medications or not.I know a few years age,I too had to have a drug test for my job,I was taking prescription pain medications,also xanax.My urine came back ok I guess,cause I got the job.Just tell them you were taking a short-term prescription,due to the fact that you fell.You won't be lying,right? The only lie would be,is it wasn't exactly YOU'RE prescription.But in all honestly,as long as you're not an addict(seems as you're not),then you should be ok.Like I said..I passed my drug(urine) test a few years back(I was taking 2 script meds),and got the job.It will work out ok I think.Good luck to you on you're interview/job.

Just tell them before you take it what happened, and they will most likely understand. If you are desperate. Go to a food mart of some sort and purchase a detox drink. Follow the instructions very closely because they only work if you use them in a very precise way. Goodluck!

They are water soluble so you best be drinking all the water you can stand. And take a multivitamin with every other glass so that your urine has some color to it. I'd chew up one of them vitamins about an hour to an hour and a half before the quiz.

It just doesn't work that way I'm afraid.

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