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 would my body clock get used to 6 hours sleep and how long would it take?
We have an 11 week old baby and two other children, i am currently working on an evening 7pm - 10pm 3 nights a week and have been doing this for 4 weeks. I get to bed about 11pm maximum and have to ...

 What Can I Do about this..? Help?
A year ago my step mam found out about my bulimia and took me to the doctor , I was then told I had to see a psychiatrist I hated it so much when she found out my dad found out about it but he ...

 Do I have an addiction?
I was just wondering if u think I may have an addiction to either fizzy drinks or caffeine? Or neither? Every day I NEED fizzy drinks. Whenever I'm thirsty, fizzy drinks are the only thing that ...

 what section of health and safety at work act refers to a duty of care to staff?

 Help, Where does it go?
Where does your lap go when you stand up?...

 Can anyone help me please?
I'm not sure whats wrong, but most of the time after I have eaten, I feel really sick. It's like I could be sick, but i never am, i just feel it. So i was wondering if anyone knows what ...

 Will i ever lose my addiction and craving for cigarettes/nicotine?
7 days ago i quit smoking, i almost picked up a cigarette more than 3 times in the past 7 days, but i stayed head strong and never did, i feel good in myself that i am doing it, but the craving for a ...

 My son's gym class is causing him to overtrain, resulting in him being totally burnt out when he comes home?
He's 14 and in grade 9, his new semester includes regular GYM class, and he also has Fitness&Health class. Right now in gym class they're doing wrestling, in Fitness&Health they are ...

 If you purge is it intentional?,its a question for school.?

 what is it like be colour blind. are all colours grey or sludge. how about traffic lights?

 Is it normal to sick up blood?
I threw up couple hours ago and it had quite alot of blood in it, and also a big ball of hard clear jelly fat thing flew out too, but i feel fine now, is that normal? ok thanks guys will go doctors ...

 Does Triple Dry have side effects?
Today I got this antiperspirant called Triple Dry. I haven't used it yet, but I really want to know: 1. Does it have ANY side effects (like when your using it for the first time, do you ...

 Bruised Bum? Helpp!?!?
i was playing about with some mates at my house yesterday and i fell off a wall outside it onto a metal gate, today theres a bruise right across it :'( leave it? see a doctor? whatt? help :) ...

 Just got flu shots for oversea is it ok to get tattoo 8 hours afterward?

 HELP!!!!!!!!DOES IT HURT???????????
ok im 15 and i would love to give blood but im not sure what age you have to be an i have a really low pain tolerance so could people answer this? 1) what age must you be? 2)how long does it take? ...

 Who is the tallest person without gigantism?

 How can I found out waiting times to see a Hospital Consultant as an outpatient?
I am in the UK and despite scouring the website of the hospital local to me, actually working in the hospital I want to be seen in, and looking at both the Department of Health websites AND NHS ...

 Head ache and pain just above the eye.....?
I NEVER usually have head aches but from thursday last week until sunday I had a permanent headache on the right side of my for head and just above my right eye and my vision was completely blurry ...

 I am ill. what is wrong with me?
I've not been feeling that great for a couple of days now, but it wasn't so bad at first. However, yesterday morning my upper lip felt like it was on fire and my wrists and elbows were ...

 How can I stop my eye twitching?
I shut down my laptop, brushed my teeth and ever since after that my bottom eyelid has been twitching for a few minutes... I just read somewhere that if you close your eyes whilst the muscle spasm is ...

inside my left ear hurts when i smoke a cigarette?
it just started today, i've been smoking for a year now and this has never happened. its like a stabbing/stinging pain deep in my ear when i inhale the smoke. what could cause this? sorry, i don't recall asking people their opinions? honestly, the 'why are you killing yourself' answers don't make me want to quit. keep it to yourself, please.

Its probably unrelated to the smoking. Sounds like maybe you are getting a ear infection or a cold and when you smoke it aggravates any swelling you have in your ear. Give it a couple of days and if its no better and troublesom might be best to get it checked at docs. I wish you all the best.....

try smoking the cigarette with you mouth instead of your ear its very much easier

Ear ache? Tooth ache? If it doesn't go away, see your doctor.

once? i mean could it have been coincidental ? see the doctor so you dont worry also try to stop smoking go onto nicorette something eg gum losengers etc dont hurt your body any more x

Err, how about stop killing you self??

what i know is that u shudnt be smoking in the first place

i get sharp ear pains sometimes. it is possible that the pain has nothing to do with smoking. stop for a while and see if the pain is still there. if so, go to the doctor. if not, stop smoking. :)

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