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what is in the grapefriut juice that makes a problem with medications?
how do you know it is not in other foods ?...

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I went for a routine physical. It was my first time using my new insurance company. Here are a few things the Dr and I discussed:
-I mentioned that I may have acid reflux and asked which OTC ...

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how do u do it? i shoved my hand as far as possible down my troat. i felt what I believe is that dangly thing and touched it a lot. no avail. And i doubt i can manage to think of something disgusting ...

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I smoke for 10 years and i want to give up but its so hard to do it.Now i am trying to cut down.I use to smoke 22-25 sig per day,now 15-10,is that the way to give up!...

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 Tips for quitting smoking?
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 deep breathing makes me dizzy?
I recently read somewhere how breathing properly can help avoid and many times stop a panic attack.They mentioned how you're supposed to breathe with your stomach rather than with your chest.

 can you get a brain aneurysm or a stroke from really bad internalized stress and anger?
Where it seems all the stress and anger goes right to your ...

 Staying awake or alert all day?
It's 2am now, I have a deadline later. I have to finish and I have to pay attention in class as well. I don't want to fall asleep in class. In addition to that, I have a banquet/gala that I&...

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^that's what happened.
they just keep giving me aspirin
and my ...

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i stay up all night and sleep during day, will this effect my health?
i always feel wide awake at night even if i get good 8 hours and wake up early that same day i always had this problem and sometimes go to school with only 3 hrs sleep one time 25 mins...right now im not in school and not working since im in the process of looking for a job so lately i just stayed up all night until i feel tired which is 7-9am and sleep until 3-5pm would this effect me in anyway?


i dont think so, i just did the same thing and do it now and then

wow, i just noticed what the fist person answered.... that could be true, because i've been stressed for a while. hmmm

Pink Red
Yes. Adult like children and babies has required number of sleep, 8 hours. Your immune system is affected if you lack sleep. Better change your sleeping habits now or suffer the consequence in the short run. Better see a doctor, a psychiatrist perhaps as your problem may be affected as well by anxiety.
What I did before when I am suffering sleep disorders, I drink milk before going to sleep, wash my self, do some exercise or stretching and then I set a time for my sleeping hours. This way, my body responded to that automatically after a few attempts.

Visiting a doctor is probably a good advice, but: Some people only sleep say 2-3 hours a day. Everybody, however, needs to rest. I don't understand why you wait to get tired finally (7-9 am) an go to bed to rest to sleep till 3 pm
If you want a job either look for night jobs or force yourself to go to bed say 11:00 pm and rest for several hours but get out of bed at 6:00 am. Get your life in the correct rhythm.

maybe your not nocturnal because my brother does the same thing he is awke at night and asleep in the day. that isn't good because you need to get sunlight because sunlight provide vitamin e which is essential for you skin and health.

Helen Scott
Circadean rhythms are funny things. There are a lot of studies that show that once you start with the sleep-during-the-day thing, it's going to be harder for you to eventually go back to the sleep-at-night thing. They also say that because you are sleeping during the day, your sleep is not as restful. Being a night auditor (I work nights), I find that as long as you are able to get enough sleep during the day (at least 8 hours) you don't really see any decline in health. That's just personal experience, though...I'd suggest doing some research on circadean rhythms and deciding for yourself.

You said you're in the process of looking for a job, maybe that has you anxious or depressed. That's a sign of depression...maybe you should talk to a doctor? Maybe there is something else going on?

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