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i feel really dizzy, like im spinning?
for the last like 2 days, whenever im sitting or laying down, when i stand up, i cant see anything for a few seconds and i get really dizzy, and also today when im just sitting still, i feel like im spinning. what is this?

could be an inner ear problem. i suffered from episodes of vertigo like this and was diagnosed with viral labyrinthitis.


if it doesn't go away soon you should visit the doctor.

three possibilities, first dehydration resulting in low blood pressure,
second low blood sugar
third inner ear infections.
all of which should be evaluated by a doctor.

Coud be low blood sugar. Please have it checked by your doctor.
I had that feeling once and it turned out to be an infection in my inner ear that was affecting my equilibrium. Antibiotics cleared it up and it went away.

Jackie C
You could be pregnant. Are you taking medicine. Sinus problems cause vertigo.

I get this all of the time.
It could be just that you're dehydrated or malnourished, or something bad.

Have you been eating regularly? Healthy foods?

Have you been drinking at LEAST 8 glasses of liquid a day?

Usually when i'm feeling this way, I can't see for a few seconds. You're just dehydrated or malnourished and you have low blood sugar. A doctor is not reccomended, unless you try my method and still, this goes on for an extended period of time. Then you should speak to your doctor.

Hope this helps! c;

ok. so i had the same thing to... it may be fumes from smething.. like gas, or painting.. it may be something else to do with your health so go see a doctor.

I had some similar symptoms- i was diagnosed with "Labrynthitis" or an inner ear infection

That happens to me too i have no idea what it is but i thought id share anyway

i hope your well hydrated try drinking lots of water- when standing change positions slowly if the problem perstists u may need to see a doctor

Fast Eddie
Low Blood sugar my ***!!!!!! your pregnant!

low blood sugar probably, try drinking some orange juice, and go see a doctor. Have you been eating ok?

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