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 sleep HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
i am 17.
have gotten maybe 2 hrs of sleep every night for the past week.
and it is starting to take a hit on me.
i am exhausted.
i want to go to sleep REALLY REALLY BADDDDD.

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i cant stay awake during the day!?
i usually go out at night, sometimes never actually making it to bed, so i usually take like a 2 or 3 hour nap during the day so ill have the energy to go out at night, which seems to work pretty well for me.

however lately, i havent been able to go out (from being grounded) and i literally cannot stay awake during the day without a good nap, and cannot fall asleep at night. i know my body's probably just used to my old sleeping pattern, but its been like a good week now, with no improvements... ill probably eventually go back to this sleeping pattern so i dont want any drastic changes, but how can i stay awake without a nap during the day?!

. That's funny. You're young enough to be 'grounded', but you party every night?
You're definitely skrewed UP!
Why don't you try this Radical suggestion:
Sleep 8 hrs at night, eat good food, exercise , and don't nap during the day? Crazy, huh?

Just V
Try loading yourself with caffeine or sugar (e.g. coffee, Dr. Pepper, candy)

I agree with the first answer -- your body-clock is completely screwed up. Partying all nite, then relying on a quick nap during the day to juice you up for the next party? That's not normal. And it's not healthy. Keep it up, and you won't last past 25 -- if that long! Your body is trying to tell you something -- LISTEN to it!

The interesting part, to the rest of us? Your profile says you're 16, but your photo looks about 30. And that's not necessarily a good thing. Do you want to look 40 when you turn 20? Slow down, take care of yourself, and GET SOME SLEEP!!!

Just don't get into a relaxing position. Stay active and don't think about sleep. I know that you are tired, and your body is telling you so, and the body is hard to defeat. You don't state your age, but if you are in school, how on earth do you have enough energy to sit through all the classes, some boring, and not fall asleep at the desk. I surely hope that you are not taking anything to keep you awake during the night. You are much to young to be out like that, and nigh time is the worse for things happening. You have a long life ahead of you and when you get to the point you can pretty much do as you please, that's when you go for it. I say live life the best you can, because it is short, but in time the life expectancy will grow longer. Apparently you have parents that love you and they worry so much for you when they don't know where you are or what you are doing. I know I couldn't go to sleep until I heard my Sons come through the door. I didn't mean to rattle on, but I can't help myself. I hope for you lifes best young lady.

subbu N

Early Bed make Early wake up.

You follow this formula.

you made it sound like everynight, what did you do the rest of the nights when you wernt going out? Sleeping? you need to stay awake during the day so you sleep at night. try excersising cause it keeps you awake and gradually do it so your tierd at night.

erd tird
Cold reset always works for me.

When do you want to start going to bed?
Tomorrow, force yourself to stay up until roughly 4 hours before that time, then go pass out. Set your alarm time for whenever you wanted to wake up. If you sleep an hour or two later, no big deal, you'll be fine.

You'll spend that day pretty energized, so go do stuff (exercise, whatever) and when it comes time to go to bed again, you'll notice you're actually tired. Sleep deprivation always catches up with you.

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