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 What is causing me to drool in my sleep?
Im a teenage male and ive recently started waking up with a wet spot on my pillow and dry saliva marks on the sides of my mouth. Ive been going to sleep the same way i always have and no major ...

 If you have smoked weed before, can you still work for the government?
I smoke pot on a regular basis and I was wondering if I would fail the backround check with the government and all that. Is there any way? Thanks....

 How much more will I grow? (based on this information)?
Today marks that exactly one year ago I got my period, I know ironic.

I'm going to be 14 in February and since last year I grew about two inches.

Right now I'm around 5...

 What electronic cigarette brand do you recommend?
I am ordering an electronic cigarette asap. What are your experiences? Pros/cons of different brands? I'm leaning towards 'blu' brand. I smoke a pack of menthol cigarettes a day right ...

 Im so scared boyfriend is real sick i think :/ Whats wrong with him?
Ok so last night we got off the phone at 3 in the morning and he normally gets up at like 12 but he ended up texting me at 6 saying he just woke up and he felt really sick and was really hot and ...

 I have bulging veins in my arms and hands, is this a health risk?
When my arms are elevated, the appearance of veins goes away, but when they are straight down by my side, the veins in my arms and legs get abnormally huge. At this point it sometimes feels as if my ...

 What are the chances of dying of old age in america these days?
With cancer,murder,disease,accidents,etc,what percentage of americans actually die of natural causes?...

 My cigarette broke in half?
i got home late last nite, and i was pretty high after smoking some bowls. my frend gav me a cig last nite and i put it in my pocket so my parents wudnt see.... as i got to my room. i found out my ...

 Can I not take my antibiotics for a night so I can drink for news years?
So i just started taking antibiotics on Tuesday for a case of strep throat. My last day of taking the meds is on saturday. Im wondering if i can not take my pill tomorrow so i can have a few drinks ...

 Gorilla Glue on my fingers..?
I used gorilla glue yesterday. Thought I got it all off my hands. But now i can feel it on my finger tips. Tried using rubbing alcohol and scrubbing it. Any tips on how to get it off?...

 Why do you think im so dizzy?
OK, so I am dizzy. Here's the prob., I don't know why!
I don't need to throw up
I didn't get up too fast
I'm not sick
I'm not hungry. (I just ate, so ...

 How do you "cure" an asleep foot?
Have your feet ever felt like sparkly or there are tons of needles poking at them? Well this happens to me every once in a while and I'd like to know how to "cure" it (Not forever or ...

 why have I stopped sleep talking, can I get it back?
I used to sleep talk when I was 10 and I'm 16, I've stopped sleep talking a month ago, lol and for some reason I want it back is there a way? please don't ask me why I want it back, ...

 i accidently cut my lips on the side where they both meet. How can you cure it fast?
ive had this cut for i guess a year or two..i accidentley used a sharp object & it cut it..
i need something that will help cure it fast & something that won't make my lips

 how many vicodin would i have to take at one time to kill myself?
I have 7 1/2 5/500mg Vicodin. Would that do the job if I mixed it with alcohol?

Don't try to talk me out of it. I've already decided. Just answer the question, please. My life, ...

 how to get weed out ur system in 12 hours?
ok like 2 days ago me and some friends got loaded like i know its only 3 days but we were loaded everyday all day for 2 days so its really strong and im going to the ER for a personal problem and the ...

 Should I go to the hospital for dehydration?
I am dizzy and I have a pretty bad headache. I cant keep anything down and I've been vomiting for a little over 24 hours. Its getting so bad i cant see straight. I try to sip on water, but can ...

 I need some idea what is causing this?
I have a thirst that I can not satisfy. I have had this for a couple weeks now. Two days ago I had to move my belt in a hole and today I had to do it again. I have lost 8 pounds without trying in two ...

 Tingly Mouth/Lips/Nose in choking game?
Hi, my friend told me she played the "choking" game and i told her she shouldn't do it! anyway, she said she didn't really do much, just put a dressing gown tie thing around her ...

 Nodding makes me feel dizzy?
Hey. I headbang to music. I don't do it violently, more nodding to rythm but recently I've noticed it makes me dizzy. Not vertigo dizzy - more like when you feel really tired and your ...

Waffle Luvr
how to make your foot fall asleep faster?
whenever i try to make my foot fall asleep, it takes around 15 minutes. do you have any tips to make it fall asleep faster? i know the risks and all that, so don't be nagging me about it.

Cut of the circulation to your foot, the reason your foot falls asleep is because you have pressure on one of your nerves.

Sit on it or put a lot of pressure / weight on it.

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