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 I Sleep Way too much! And if i don't sleep 9+ hours, I feel tired all day long ! What could be wrong with me?
I'm definite there's something wrong with me.. What could it be? I just slept 7 hrs.. Ive been awake for about 2 hrs and feel SOOOOOOO TIRED i really wanna go back to sleep.. What do i ...

 What does it mean when you get dizzy when you smoke a cigarette?
I don't know why but when i smoke cigarettes i get really dizzy what does that mean, am i doing something wrong?...

 can you be both a night owl and a morning person?
cause i stay up really late on the weekends but always wake up around 9 or 10 and i dont wake up tired at all. also whenever i go to sleep earlier like at 10 and whenever i wake up the next day to ...

 I get nauseous, could it be stress?
Ive been getting really nauseous real late at night. It started about a month ago. I don't know why. But it wont stop. Like if I stay up til 4 am it'll start turning, or even 1. It ...

 If I take 2 of those 5 hour energy shots, is that bad?
I'm 6'3", about 250. I figure it's easier than taking a 2 hour nap. And the drinking that will follow should just add to the enjoyment. HOO-WAH! I think I might just buy 2, take ...

 How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

 Is drinking twice a week bad?
I get drunk twice a week, most likely on fridays and saturdays. I'm 22 and in college, and like to go out on the weekends with my friends....

 This is kinda embarresing?
well about a monthago i ate subway and since then theres this yellow discharge that comes out when i try to use the restroom i didnt think this was a big problem till i was takinga whiz and it just ...

 This morning I woke up and found this in my bed, do you know what it is?

 What do you do to help you fall asleep?
It's 2am here, and I can't sleep O.O What do you guys do when you can't sleep? I just watch T.V til my eyes hurt....

 i sleep way to much, why?
i slept almost 11 hours today, why am i sleeping so much? i still feel like i could sleep longer if i wanted. help? i have a job, i didnt have to work today, and i have an alarm clock, its the fact ...

 Help, what's wrong with me?
I've been sick for the past three days (including today) its just been a horrible cold and stuff, but at the moment I'm feeling Dizzy, and I can't stand up. I've been trying to ...

 Help? Couldn't sleep?
What are some things to do when you just can't sleep? I only got like four hours total of sleep last night because I couldn't fall back asleep after I woke up for no reason....

 Terrified Of Needles. Blood Test Later. Help!?
I am terrified of needles. It's not just a simple phobia with me, but a terror. I really don't care about the pain. Simply the idea makes me shreik. The other day my mother told me that it ...

 what's a good way to releave stress?
epecially things that could keep me in shape at the same time....

 any tips to help me go to sleep?
it takes me a while to go to sleep and i dont want to take pills and medication and junk only something a reg. household ...

 I'm 15 and I've smoked maybe 15 20 cigarettes and Im gunna start playin basketball again and I'm gunna get?
Serious bout it. I'm so worried about like I won't be good and I'll get tired easily, and if I play enough that I'll be fine? Please ...

 can stress make my blood pressure rise?

 I just smoked pot, then remembered I scheduled a full range blood test in 2 hrs, will this affect results?
I don't care about THC showing up, my doctor knows I smoke, but will it affect any vitamin/mineral levels?...

 help i bareley get sleep?
i cant get sleep my eyes are blood shot i barely want to get up in the morning and my stupied doctors do nothing! i can't go throgh school like this help!!!...

how much does a consultation with a US doctor cost?
thanks for those of you who posted sensible answers, stone kold nigguh, get that chip off your shoulder! Vin I am here on holiday and have every intention of paying my way, I am not one of the spongers you have in your country and mine also!!!

US doctors don't do "consults" with patients. It's called an office visit here, and the cost depends on the your insurance coverage (or lack thereof) and the type of doctor, and what his/her office charges for "office visits". New patients often actually cost MORE for their first visit, because of first time "paperwork processing". However, if you need a lawyer afterward, they do consults, and the first one is usually free. Go figure...

try Physician's Assistants, they're one step below a doctor and usually better at diagnosing, and cheeper. where you are located makes the cost. I happen to live in a area with high retired population. so healthcare is sky high. when I lived in a area with very low retired population medical care was much more affordable. 40 bucks insted of 94 bucks for a regular office visit, 236 for a initial in the current area. price gouging always happens when you're near an area with tons of people on Medicare, the docs and hospitals know how to screw the government for every dime, and to do so means high fee's.

sorry "STONE KOLD NIGGUH" but your dead wrong and very ignorant. I'm sorry you have so much hatred toward white people.

get out of my country

Depends where in America.. and whether or not you need immediate treatment.. if you're going to big hospital it might cost upwards to 300$ but if you go to a clinic in your community it might just be 20$ Shop around in your area.. phone book were made for that reason.

depends where you go, anything from $60-$100, they doctor i go to charges $80, and thats without insurance

There are a lot of different types of doctors, Can't tell you much without knowing what your problem is. Could be a hundred or two hundred bucks.

it depends but the last one I had cost 250.00

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