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how long should a bruise take to heal?
I have a past history of being anemic, but haven't had any problems in a couple of years. Recently, I have been getting bruises (which for me is very common, I am a klutz!!), but they are taking FOREVER to go away. For example, I still have a large bruise in the crook of my arm from an injection I recieved 2 weeks ago, and had one on my calf that lasted almost 4 weeks. Could this signify another health problem? Should I have my iron checked?

a week or so. If its really bad then at least 2 weeks.

about a week hey my names michelle too

well some of your body parts are more tender than others and where you said the bruise's are those parts will take a long time to heal trust be im also a klutz at times i'v had my share of falls

You should talk to your family doctor. within a week at least most healing should occur. Many disorders cause easy bruising poor healing and should not be treated lightly. Some people just bruise easy and heal slowly but nothing to take a chance on is it.

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