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 Are Random Nose Bleeds Bad?
For the past couple of months I have been getting these random nose bleeds. Usually they don't last very long but there is usually a lot of blood involved and I have never had this problem ...

 So if I try weed for the first time...?
I wanted to try it just to see what it's like. Could i get addicted after one time, could anything "negative" happen from just one time?...

 what is a way to calm yourself down and relax?
im a teenager and it's hard for me to go to ...

 How do I know if hemmorhoid surgery is necessary?
I currently do not have insurance, otherwise I would ask my doctor.

I have two outer and I suspect one internal hemmorhoid. They have not gone away and it has been four years now. How do I ...

 Help with understanding my ER report....?
I do not have insurance and I went to the ER with bad pain in my right knee today. The doc said that I have arthritis in my knee and "a structural problem" that he said was more than an ER ...

 can you shower during a boil water advisory? new orleans?
the mayor said it is just a precaution and most likely not going to harm anyone who drinks it, so would it be bad to shower in it?...

 How Do I Get & Pay For Health Insurance?
I know this may sound dumb, but I am 17 about to turn 18 very soon. My parents are divorce, i live with my mom, but haven't talk or seen my dad for years. Since my dad was in the military I'...

 How tall will I be when I grow up?

My mum is 5foot and my dad is 5foot 6
They are Indonesian
I was born in England and I have recently moved to Australia
I am thirteen and I am 5 foot 5
And I...

 Smoker/Past Smoker Interview?
Can anyone that is currently smoking or has been a smoker answer these questions?
1. How were you introduced to smoking?
2. Age.
3. Length of time you have smoked.
4. Tried to ...

 the effectiveness of a hair folicle drug test?
how accurate is a hair follicle drug test? is there anything one can take to pass the test?
I do not ask this so that I can cheat the test it is not for me and I do not ask this because I want ...

 I can hear, what sounds like my heart beat, as if it is just inside my right ear. Any ideas?
It reminds me of the way your thumb throbs if you hit it with a hammer, but it's not a feeling, it's a sound. It comes and goes, but it's been happening for several weeks. At times ...

 can you defibrillate with an endotracheal tube in?
I'm confused as to whether the jolts would damage the trachea if the defibrillator would cause a contraction of the muscles in the throat....

 what would you do and what does it mean if your face turn paler,dizzy,feeling like passing out?
because i felt this way at school on last Thursday and friday and i still feel like this sytpoms..i went to the er last Thursday they didn't do anything so what should i do??please help me and ...

 can men use chapstick ?
is there some kind of masculine alternative ?...

 Would you rather not have to sleep, or be able to sleep more easily?

 Can lack of sleep affect someone's height?
...And cause them to get short?...

 What does it mean when you constantly look at the clock at the same minute every hour?

 Is it possible to hallucinate after 4 days of no sleep?

 How much does it costs for a night stay in an NHS hospital?

 i feel like i have something stuck in my throat for days now?
i've been feeling a sensation of food in my throat for days now even maybe 2 weeks.
it feels like the food is about to come out when i try and cough it out but then it goes back down again.....

how can you change the healthcare system and how would you pay for it?
reforming the system is a difficult problem. each and every stakeholder will resist change and point to the other stakeholders as needing change.how would you change the system?how would you pay for the changes?

If I could answer that question, I would be smarter than everybody in DC. I agree with answer #1

Mr E
the american people, like in every other area, need to educate themselves. this is hard to do since drug companies dominate the media. they need to keep their money in their own pockets, and make the doctors serve them, like in every other sector. prices would plummet, service would improve. no more insurance parasites, better health as people learn of more safe, cheaper and effective alternatives to conventional drug based medicine. the people have been brainwashed by the media, and ignorant doctors who cannot restore health. the people cry for washington to help them, beg for insurance companies to pay their claims. pathetic. they have the power but are too brainwashed into helpless dependency to realize it. it's been in their own pockets all along.

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