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 Anyone know of low cost health insurance in NJ area?
I need a low cost health insurance and I am unemployed right now. I need it for college and my college is not part of a plan since its a community college. I was looking at the sites and quotes, but ...

 Is expired chocolate dangerous?
I just ate some hazelnut chocolate that expired in february 2010. Didn't notice the expiration date 'til after I ate it. Is it dangerous?...

 stand up and get dizzy?
everytime i stand up from sitting down i get really dizzy and all i see is black. i feel like i will fall over if i don't hold on to something....

 What is the best thing to pop a xanax with?
I mean as far a what to swallow it with. i dont chew them, but i tried energy drinks, juice, a plenty of water. i dont feel them like i used to. Maybe my tolerence went up? but what would you say is ...

 what is the best way to care for your teeth?

 Would I be able to donate plasma?
I'm 17 and weigh 135 lbs. When I was 15 I had thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed. I was then treated with radiation when I was 16. I have been cancer free since then with regular check ...

 swollen legs?? please help?
hi so av had problems with the arch of my feet, i had pains and it was swollen because i was very athletic, the pains have stopped now and i have reduced my exercising to a minimum but i noticed that ...

 dr.oz said bundling up doesnt help prevent a cold?
dr.oz said bundling up doesnt help prevent a cold, but if you go out without bundling up, you will actually catch a cold right?...

 Help him stop smoking?
My boyfriend is a smoker and he's not so fond of it. He started when he was 18 so he's been smoking for roughly about 2 years. He used to smoke a pack a day but after we started dating I ...

 how could the doctors help?
I have been asked by a loved one that i should go see the doctors about me being underweight, as she believes its becoming a serious problem.

Although i don't believe the doctors can ...

 What are some good ways to help fall asleep?
Im in gr.9 and have been pretty stressed lately and have huge amounts of trouble falling asleep, my counsler recomened looking up some ideas, so any tips? thanks :)...

 Can't sleep? please help!!?
I got home from school at 2 today and helped my mom cook for thanksgiving. then

at about 5 pm I fell asleep and just woke now, 8 pm. I need to be up early tomorow bu I'm not tired at ...

 Can I stockpile showers.?
I am planning to attend a protest that takes place in a library, which may possibly span several days. I was wondering, can I stockpile my showers? That is, can I take several showers before hand, so ...

 Weed.. whats going on :( ?
So , I'm 16, female.. I've been smoking weed for about 3 years now.. I quit almost 2 months ago. The reason why is because I was at a friends house, we got off our dealer and the weed was ...

 How can you go about transferring medical records from a previous doctor to a new doctor?
I am 25 years old and the last time I've been to the doctor was when I was around 19 to my pediatrician. I need to get a physical examination and vaccinations because I'm applying to ...

 What can I do to get better?
I have been quite sick lately. Ive had a cold, so im all stuffed up. I have a very sore throat, but it doesnt hurt that much. I havent got anything stuck in my throat but i have to cough ...

 how to get tired and sleep at night ?
Currently i felt very hard to sleep even i have tried to hypnotized myself to sleep. But still i found it still difficult for me to get rest in bed. Any advice friends?

Nb; looking for ...

 How did I imagine an entire earthquake?
I was semi asleep

It was so real

But there was no ...

 I had a seizure a few weeks ago and am having some trouble focusing my eyes. Could this be related or serious?

 Can i smoke let's say, once a week after I quit smoking?
Ive been a smoker for a bought 5 years. I quit about 2 weeks ago. I still want to smoke once and a while when i go out with friends. I havent yet but i would like to. I was just wondering if its ...

Michael Franklin
can you smoke weed out of a regular tobacco pipe?

Taco sauce
umm try it??

Welll Duhh!!!
U Could Smokee Weed
Out Of:
Apples.Pencaps.WaterBottles.potatoes.Zig… Wraps
N Jus Pipess Wen Ur Fiening 2 Smoke Weed Ur Gonna Try It All Believe Me
Of Course U Cann!<3

old man on the hill
yes - but it will be better if it is a new tobacco pipe. one that has been used for tobacco may change the taste of the marijuana. and surely you are aware tobacco pipes have much larger bowls than marijuana pipes

dingle berry
if you can smoke weed out of an apple I'm pretty sure you can smoke weed out of anything if you tried

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