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 anybody work in the NHS or in the nursing field - if so, how realistic are hospital tv-shows/dramas ?
on a scale of 1-10 how realisticaly do shows like Casualty and Holby City (and any other like those two) portray what goes on in places like Hospitals ?

what about the characters in ...

 every time i stand up everything goes black?
my friends say it only happens to them rarely but everytime i stand up from laying on the couch or the toilet or anything everything goes black and i get a bad headache and i fall over and it takes a ...

 Working nights, sleep?
I have just got my first night job and start tomorrow night. I am after something to block out the noise when i sleep during the day and will i be able to hear my alarm? Also any sleeping ...

 How do i Help my brother a 15yr chronic alcoholic?
he has been dry for 18 months, but for the last 4 months he fell off the wagon,due to depression
he has cut down what he drinks i know this because i monitor his intake as im one who hates ...

 How can I get my sore throat to go?!?!?!?
I'm 12 and I think I'm getting a bit of a sore throat. I was just wondering if there's anything I can do or eat/drink to stop it from getting worse. I can feel it coming already! Thank&...

 Who is at fault if anyone?
My mum was told that after an operation to remove part of her bowel that She no longer had Coeliac disease, at her next appointment she was told that She did still have the disease, this went on for 3...

 How to get rid of being pigeon toed?
Im 15 years old and have been pigeon toed all my life. Its starting to really embarrass me and i am very conscious when i walk. Please help me :) How do i get rid of being pigeon toed.
Thanks ...

 I quit smoking Sunday night.....?
I am feeling a little better, day by day. Any advice from anyone out there that has overcome this NASTY addiction....would really help....

 I need to quit smoking now?
I'm nineteen years old. I know i'm not exactly a healthy person in my eating habits or anything else. I'm the type of person with an addictive personality and everyone that knows me ...

 Could smoking 1 cigarette a day be healthy?
Im going to try this for the rest of my life to see what happens, like a personal science project....

 What's happens when knee cracks every time I do a squat?
my knees tend to make a crack sound after I do a couple of free squats. I'm only 17 and I only have ankle problems (achilles tendonitis) . My friend says it's because I don't have ...

 whats occupational health roll,why you get referred to them by employer?

 do you use up more calories when you have a cold/flu?
my mum says you do but im not sure :/...

 Will Tincture Valerian help me fall asleep?
I have deadlines approaching soon and the stress is starting to affect my sleeping pattern. My psychiatrist suggested purchasing Valerian Tincture to help me relax and fall asleep. I'm planning ...

 Should I back to the doctor if my symptoms have gotten worse?
I went to the doctor for a simple sick note yesterday. I was told I had tonsillitis and a slight fever. Since I woke up this morning I've started feeling a lot worse. I've had vomiting, a ...

 Explain my Health Insurance Plan to me?
If my health plan says that my annual deductible is $2000 for medical and pharmacy but my maximum out of pocket is $4000 what exactly does that mean?

If I was hospitalized for a day would I...

 Why can't I sleep at night?
I am able to fall right asleep after I come home from class. Even if I don't, I can wait a couple hairs and still be able to fall asleep. But when it's time to sleep at night, I just can...

 Hydrochloric acid? Please answer!!!?
About two years ago I may have drank a sip of Hcl. Just wandering if there's anything I should know....

 what is wrong with me?
I'm nearly 19 (Female) and all I ever wanna do is stay in bed. I occasionally work evenings and sometimes go out with my friends but recently i've been sleeping in until sometimes 2pm. If ...

 When is the best time to sleep/wake?
I have sleeping problems, multiple sleeping problems, but I'm going to attempt to get into a normal sleeping pattern...I've never had a normal sleeping pattern, so not sure what normal is. <...

Will burning coal to heat your home effect your health?

yes. burning coal in your house is a serious issue . it contains very minute dust particles and also emits gases that are poisonous

Makwa, yes, I heard you can get "Black Lung Disease" from it.

♫♪ abbie Kate ♫♪
I've never heard of it affecting a persons health hun.
Im sure it has to have some affect on coal miners later in their lives though, all of that coal dust going into the system

of course not . I have been using coal all my life . there's nothing like the heat from a coal fire when I lived in England it was one of the things I missed most about home.

As with any fuel, incomplete combustion can generate harmful soot deposits and proper ventilation of exhaust gases is necessary. I have operated industrial coal burning boilers and our biggest problem was the fly-ash. It contains large amounts of silica and classified as a hazardous waste. Anthracite (hard, black coal) is an excellent fuel for heating the home if you maintain a fire throughout the heating season. You will not burn anywhere near the quantity an industrial boiler uses. I don't know what Canada's equivalent of the EPA is, but I suspect there may be some regulation on allowable stack emissions and how to dispose of the ash.

Tater Salad!
Probably not, as long as it's properly ventilated. But coal does tend to produce sulfur dioxide, which is a pollutant, as well as carbon monoxide, hence the need for ventilation.

Case in point, the town of Centralia, PA, had to be abandoned because an underground coal vein caught on fire and is still burning some 30 or 40 years later, and is producing hazardous gases, as well as causing cave-ins and buckling roads. It started out as a trash fire at a dump, where the coal was very close to the surface.

Nan&#39;s cat Tigger
If it has the right ventilation and it will be safe enough. When in doubt put a CO2 detector or meter in your house.

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