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Why snoring occurs? how to avoid?

your nostrils and the tissues inside your nose close up a little bit.. that causes snoring...

ive read the healthy diet and exercise can prevent it.
also sleeping in certain ways also makes u snore..

Everyone in my family is the same way it is really bad!! One of my brothers had to use a CPAP machine for a while because of his sleep apnea, but we finally found the answer to stop snoring and it is awesome!! It is a custom fitted mouthpiece that we purchased on http://www.prosnore.com it really works good and my brother doesn't even have to use his CPAP anymore!! IT IS AWESOME! GIVE IT A TRY!! PROSNORE.COM is the place!


It occurs sometimes when you are really tired or when you sleep on your back or another reason you might snore is because you sleep with your mouth open. To avoid this you might try sleeping on your side and maybe try sleeping on your stomach. Or try to make sure that you do not overwork yourself and get adequate sleep. Also In some cases I have heard that person may snore because he/she does not have a companion sharing the bed with them. So if that is the case then try and find you someone that you can share your bed with. I make my husband sleep on his stomach when he starts to snore that helps.

Dark Beauty
Lots of reasons - clogged nose, sinus problems, wrong sleeping position wherein the air passage is constricted, heart problem, constricted air passage due to obesity.

How to avoid - make sure your head isn't too high when you sleep. Try sleeping on your side too. If snoring persists, see your doctor. You might have a heart problem or something.

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