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 Why am I nauseated every hour or so?
For the past week or so it seems like every hour or two hours I feel sick to my stomach and it only goes away if I eat or drink something (even if I'm not hungry) even if I've eaten a ...

 Is this normal to happen?
Okay...so I am 20 years old and I haven't thrown up since I was in like 1st grade. I've never had the flu or food poisoning. I've come close several times lime when I got horrible ...

 I think i pull my hair out when I'm alseep?
I'm convinced that when I'm alseep I pull my hair out. The reason is that, twice now, I've woken up and I'm gripping onto it, so yeah, how do you stop yourself from doing it? I ...

 It's impossible for me to wake up in the morning. Help?
I'm a 17 year old senior in high school. I have been doing wonderfully in school this year, but I'm having one major problem: I almost never make it on time to first period. I usually go to ...

 What is the best way to address night time nasal drip so you can sleep?

 Odd sleep schedule, antisocial, always tired.. (serious)?
I am 23 years old, female. I have always had a weird sleeping schedule. I sleep from 5am - noon or later. I went through a bad break up in June, then two days later moved about 17 miles into the ...

 UK: what do you do when you are unable to get a doctors appointment?
My doctors surgery has had no appointments for 4 days now. 3 doctors are off sick. And you are only able to book appointments on the day. It's not urgent so I'm wondering if there another ...


 Taking 15mg adderall after night of little to no sleep?
I took adderall yesterday around 2pm. It is now 5am and I have an exam in 3 hours. If I took another adderall would I be ok or will I be up for another night?...

 how bad is my eyesight?
here is the prescription i got today:

Right: Sph -5.75 Cyl -1.25 Axis 10

Left: Sph -5.5 Cyl -1.5 Axis 170

I am only 16 years old ,,
how can I stop it from ...

 I need medical professional help! My Whole family is sick!?
I was sick with a common cold that turned in to a whole body infection. With a temp with 103 Degree F. And was coughing out stuff that is yellow. As of now I am cured. I know I need to take them to a ...

 How can I go into a complete deep sleep?
I have insomnia and I live in a very noisy area. I want to know what it takes to be asleep so deeply that nothing bothers me through out the night. I'm begging to find a solution to be able to ...

 line cook/ culinary student looking for comfortable shoes?
so i go to culinary school and then off to work as a line cook so im on my feet for about 14 hours of the day and by the time i get home my feet are killing me so i was wondering if any other cooks ...

 how to relieve stuffy nose?

 Induce vomiting!??! Please please help!!!?
Ok, so I'm sick..and I feel nauseous. I know if I throw up, I'll feel MUCH better. But I can't. I've tried chugging orange juice (I HATE orange juice), I have tried heating myself ...

 My arms and legs keep falling asleep- should I be worried?
I know I'm probably making way too big a deal out of this but for the past couple days my arms and legs have randomly been falling asleep for absolutely no reason. It happened several times both ...

 Is it normal to pee 3-4 times in 2 hrs?
I'm kind of concerned and i can't figure it out i tend to drink a lot of water and pee often as of the past 2 months, and im pretty hungry mostly all the time and i saw a doctor just a few ...

 Numb legs EVERYDAY.....?
Hi, you know when you are sitting for too long and when you stand up you have one of your legs numb and tingling?
So, yeah, i've been having that everyday! Even when Im not sitting down.. A...

 Do you smoke ? If 'yes' Do you know smoking is injurious to health ?
"Smoking thrills but Kills"...

 i want to see how long i can go without peeing, is this dangerous? wouldnt eventually the pee just come out?

Why is everyone in my house light headed and dizzy?
For the past 30 min literally everyone in my house has been light headed and dizzy. They also have a head ache. When I left my house to go to my friends house across the street to work on a project I was fine but then when I walked into my house the same thing happened.

Wtf is going on? I feel like throwing up

Carbon monoxide maybe?? That can kill you btw. Crack some windows and figure out whats going on....

Rebel Mitchell
GET EVERYONE OUT OF THE HOUSE, infants and children need to be rushed out as soon as possible, that sounds like a major gas leak, everybody need to be evacuated and then call 911.

get everyone out, pets too until you know for sure but I bet it is that or Carbon Monoxide!

GET OUT NOW!!!! CO (carbon monoxide poisoning) it will kill you GET OUT GET OUT!!!!, stay at neighbors go to wal mart get a testor GET OUT!!!

Boss...Sky is not clear...because of cold...because of intake chilled food....many things having behind this...so don't think so much..
Just massage your head with oil...will release your problem..

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