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 My leg goes numb... why?
Ive had this before but when i stand up it goes cold when the blood rushes back into it then i get pins and needles then its fine but recently its just randomly gone numb like when im laying down and ...

 I constantly feel tired even after I wake up?
I've been feeling tired for a month now even when I have had a good night rest, my muscles and joints are constantly aching and I keep getting this pain around my heart..anyone know what might ...

 Sickness and surgery?
Two days ago I started getting a little sick. I had a fever (101), deep cough, runny nose, sneezing, headache, sore throat and swollen throat glands. I am starting to feel a little better the only ...

 Is it ok for me to send my child to school tomorrow?
She has been quite ill from Friday and doesn't seem to improving but I told her she I don't care if your ill, your going to school to get your results (she just did exams before holidays) I...

 what happen if you take a bath with a cold water in winter?.?

 I am 15 and i cant sleep -.-?
Im ill with flu and i cannot get to sleeep Any ideas on how to sleep? :)...

 I have weak legs that sometimes collapse, help?
I am a healthy 14 year old. Recently (the past few months) i have realised that my legs get all shaky and i collapse sometimes. its quite hard to deal with and it is very embarrassing. for instance, ...

 How do I fall asleep quicker?
I have a TV, that I watch until like 3am, then I use the computer until 5am and then all of a sudden I wake up between 7am and 11am with a big message on my net book like battery dead or 5 minutes ...

 Hi, can someone help me please?
Okay, Im just gonna say it...i used the bathroom (number two) and there was blood. I also have a headache, I threw up, feeling really hot, and now weak. What could this be and is it serious or should ...

 Quitting smoking tips and tricks?
What helped you quit smoking?...

 How do I exaggerate being sick for school?
I am genuinely sick (i think it's tonsillitis) but I don't think I'm sick enough to miss school tomorrow.
My friend has part of my art homework and I can't get hold of her ...

 Is this anything serious?
I play basketball for my city and go to the gym regularly and i heard of someone that athletes are known to be abit shaky.Like occasionally i have a ever so slightly in my legs if i bend down in a ...

 whats good for constipation (mums not been able to go for 5 day's)?
we have tried sena Fiber gel warm water and Sugar none of it has helped what else can we ...

 what is wrong with me?
for the past two days i have had:
- chills then too hot
- aches everywhere
- sore throat
- blocked nose
- nausea
- burping
- very high heart rate
- blocked ...

 Should I stay up all night or just get a few hours of sleep?
I have to wake up at 5:30 and I won't be able to sleep until 9:30 PM the next day, with no naps. I don't really feel tired enough to sleep at the moment either....

 is it bad to have dry braides and sleep in them?
my hair is dry wright now and i was wonderin if it would be bad to braid them dry then sleep in them??? plx ...

 My first day without a cigarette and finding it harder than i thought. any tips?

 why do i get tingling at the back of my neck?

 sleep deprived :( help?
i feel i am really sleep deprived. i cant seem to get to sleep at night and when i fall asleep its early in the morning and i am to tired to get up. i sometimes fall asleep during the day but i feel ...

 its been 2 days and i cant fall asleep?
any ideas....

Ayesha Porter
Why is Braille imporant in Health and Social Care settings?
I am doing some research into the History, Origins and importance of Braille for my studies at college, but i can not find any direct answers to this question.

Because it is a way of making a blind or visually impaired person more Independence and not let their disability impend on their life.

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