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 What is worse smoking sheesha/hooka or smoking cigarette?
I have asked alot of people for this reason but everyone has their own opinion....so can you show me which is worse and why? I know both are bad but which one is worse than the other?

 why do we not sneeze when we are asleep?

 How come I'm not tired when I haven't slept for 36 hours?
I have been awake for 36 hours and I'm not even a little bit tired. I'm not drinking energy drinks. I'll have the a cup of tea a few times a day but not enough to keep me not feeling ...

 I am 19 years old and I i don't have energy , stamina like other people of my age i fall sick very often?
I am quite weak since childhood as in my diet was not proper i didn't like veges and dal so and all nutritional stuff. but now I am facing a problem. i am a pure vegetarian. my height is 5"....

 will the doctor be able to tell that i smoked weed?
so, i smoked weed for the first time last friday -- i took quite a few hits, all with good inhalation --and i'm taking some pulmonary (lung) tests soon, regarding some difficulty i've had ...

 low blood pressure,what is really low?
my bp is 100/80 or 101/78. is that low? i have been feeling terribly giddy. pls someone tell me.thanks! The dr's say it is slightly low. is there anything i can do to help this. i am also on ...

 I have a sleep disorder. Can anyone recommend a drug free way to control it?
After a life-time of shift work with the inevitable dietary disruption I have a very irregular sleep pattern.
I'm a Registered Nurse (UK) and have worked primarily in the field of dementia ...

 How do I stop a shiny forehead? I am speaking on behalf of a boy who cant use make-up?

 Whats this weird feeling when i try go to sleep?
It's the strangest feeling ever. I'm laying in bed then after a while my hands feel like they are shrinking. They look and feel small and anything i grasp or hold feels like it is shrinking....

 I've lost the feeling in my fingers!?
the middle finger in my finger was numb this morning but thought i had slept on it funny but the rest of my fingers on my left hand have also lost all feeling does anyone know what it could be?...

 My brothers haemoglobin is 2.4 . Is it something to worry about ?
Hi ,
I've a 13 year old brother . He is admitted in hospital as his hamoglobin has falled to 2.4 . blood testing , CT scan , X-rays have been done but doctors could not reach the conclusion ...

 well its nearly 6 o'clock..?
I've had no sleep since 8.am yesterday, is it worth putting myself through no sleep until tonight?
you see if i went to sleep now i would be in bed all day until tonight... what should i do?...

 Is it possible to ask the doctor for one more recovery day and include it in the MC ?
I am not that sick though ......

 Am I getting really sick or is this just like a flu or something?
I keep throwing up and I have a headache alot, but i dont have a fever, and i keep getting these wierd stomach aches alot, and i felt really dazed and not myself lately..help haha imma hypochondriac ...

 Is my 12 year old son sick or is this normal?
My 12 year old son had a cold that started yesterday and had a fever yesterday i gave him Tylenol Cold Daytime at 11AM and I gave my son Tylenol Cold Nighttime. He couldn't sleep yesterday after ...

 what could low white blood cell counts mean?
I'm a little worried. I went for blood tests recently because of some syptoms I was having "tiredness, losing extra hair, peeing a lot at night especially, and extreme sweating and reaction ...

 I constantly drink, is something wrong with me?
And I don’t just mean alcohol. All day I drink hot drinks, pop, cold drinks, water, then at around half 9 or 10 o’clock at night I have a beer or some wine. At work I have a fresh cup of tea ...

 Often, when I wake up in the morning my hands and arms, sometimes my legs and feet, are numb?
..and I have to shake my limbs vigorously to regain circulation. This is not from lying in awkward positions or leaning on said limbs. Can anyone tell me why this is and what I should do about it?...

 Viruses help please!?
I work in T K Max and a women and her son came through my till. The little boy was holding the clothes and passed them to me when I noticed that he had chicken pox. I'm just wondering whether ...

 No feeling after surgery?
I had reconstructive jaw surgery on the 7th and although general anaesthetic was used they used local anaesthetic in my face as well to help with pain. After a few days all the feeling in my face had ...

Gabrielle Delacour™ Veela. ;D
Why does the heat make me feel so ill?
I've realised that the heat tends to give me headaches quite often. Whenever it's hot I feel weak and it makes it kind of harder for me to breath.
Sometimes, the heat even makes me faint.
HOWEVER, in Winter, I'm perfectly fine. I'm better than most people in Winter, actually. I can stand the cold really well.
It's just the heat. =(

I'm thinking it's probably lack of vitamins/minerals in my blood but I'm not exactly sure.

If this IS the reason, which foods should I be eating to prevent this?

cuz honey ... u ain't got no horny guy next to u to comfort u ...

if he was next to u i'm sure you'll feel much MUCH better ...

and u know who that horny guy is? MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you could be dehydrated, and keep in mind some people are allergic to the sun......hey, you never know, you may be one of them

* If possible, try to break the victim's fall
* Loosen tight clothing that might restrict blood flow
* Lie the patient on their back and raise their legs to encourage blood flow to the brain
* Make sure they are breathing and that their airway is not obstructed. If they are not breathing, start ABC resuscitation immediately...

drink water? feel light headed? drink water...

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