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 A vein on my arm just suddenly swelled and is sore to the touch with blue brusing around it. What is it.?
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 How long does it take for your lungs to 'clear out' so to speak after you quit smoking?
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 sinus track?
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Everytime I eat or drink anything I pass gas....

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 Do you think the government should be able to mandate vaccinations?
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Should the govt. have the power to decide ...

 how is deodorant made?
man and women ...

Why does my shoulders and the back of my lower neck hurt so bad?
my shoulder blades and the back of my neck can just kill me at times. i dont know why. everyone says it is because of drafting or working as a cashier but that was in high school, i am almost out of college and i work as a data entry. and sometimes it hurts so bad i can not drive.

Mine get like that when I'm stressed, or when I've been sitting in a poor position for too long. Make sure (especially at work) that you sit in a comfortable, ergonomic position and that you get up and stretch periodically.

Hot tubs and massages also help ;)

you sit for several hours. of course your neck and back is going to hurt. you need to get up every hour and stretch your body out. go walk around the office

go to a chiropractor

May be it is how your are sitting at you desk at work and then at home on your PC. My boss has the same thing it is from sitting at her desk all day at the pc. In a bad chair. I keep telling her to get a new chair and quit sitting all day at the desk.

Sounds like you need to hold yourself a different way as you are perfomring your data entry. I have a lower side to my desk and if I am not careful while I am intent on my job I can stay in one position too long and it causes my back and shoulders to ache.
You could be needing to adust your chair to the correct height for your desk. If you are physically holding your arms up to allow you to work your keyboard then you are overtaxing the muscles that run across your shoulders and this would cause you the symptoms you mentioned.
Try getting out of your chair every hour ( every 2 hrs at the minimum ) and stretching your neck and shoulder muscles. See if this does not help you. You can rotate your neck to help stretch your neck muscles as well. It does relieve stress and help with tension so it may be all you have to do.

go to the doctor

stress get someone to rub your back
a nice massage and try to visit a chiropractor

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