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Why does my head always hurt if I sleep too long?
Sometimes if it's a weekend and I don't feel like getting out of bed then i'll go back to sleep. Then i'll wake up with a head ache and i'll have it all day. Why does this happen?

huh, ive never heard of that happening..
it could simply be because you were sleeping too long

Dylan W
You should stop drinking so much.

Jenny J
we dehydrate and dehydration can cause headaches

If you are sleeping too much then your body is not getting the circulation it needs and poor circulation can lead to headaches. Funny as it sounds, if you started sleeping about 6 hours per day and had a vigorous exercise program, say riding your bike 30 min per day, the headaches would disappear.

I seriously don't know because I also wake up with a head ache when I sleep too much! I also feel more tired than if I had wake up 2 hours earlier! Sorry if it didn't answer your question!

because your body gets dehydrated during long hours of sleep. drink plenty water when u wake up or try not to sleep long

Paul B
the longer you sleep the more dehydrated you get. and dehydration causes head aches. At least wake up long enough to drink some water.

Lilly W
that happens to me alot

Yahoo user-good advice
You may need a less puffy pillow. When you have a thick pillow, it causes your neck to bend and when you sleep for a long time, your neck will have pain.
sleep with a thin pillow

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