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 Neck hurts when trying to crack it?
Ok well his a little info. Im always lying down with my laptop on my stomach which makes my head in a weird place. When im sleeping i usual have a pillow from the shoulders up. and i sleep mostly on ...

 am i done growing????
I'm 14, 5'4''.(almost 15) I had my period 2 years ago (don't know if that helps at all!) I grew about a half an inch in the past year. soo am I done growing?? please help ...

 tiny red lumps on tip of tongue?
ive had them for about a week. ive been using mouthwash and salt water.
nothing makes a difference.
what are they?
should i see my doctor. there very sore


 Should I pop my blisters?
I have 4 narly blisters on my feet from wearing both brand new, && too small shoes ALL DAY yesterday... and right now, all 4 of them are swelled up and full of juicy goodness, all 4 of them ...

 what is the best medicare plan?

 Fingernails or Toenails for overall taste satisfaction?
I have enjoyed my share of fingercail clippings, think I am ready to move to toenails? Is this a good idea. What do they taste like?...

 Why do I feel like I'm going to pass out when I stand up?
Every time I stand for more than about 5 minutes or so I feel as if I'm going to pass out. I'm a 16 year old girl. Sometimes I get dizzy and everything goes black like if I'm on my ...

 Is it dangerous to your health if you take benadryl every night to help get to sleep?
Im not on health insurance and have trouble sleeping, so I take 1 or 2 each night. This never worried me until a girlfriend told me that her mom said some girl died from doing this....

 can they check when i last donated?
k so i live in florida and i want to go and donate plasma (because you make 25/ visit there)... but i recently donated blood at my college about 2 weeks ago... the form says you have to wait 56 days ...

 only got 3 hours to sleep?
so i only have about 3 hours to sleep until the next for school

what can i do now/in the morning to refresh myself?...

 Any suggestions on how to quit smoking?
My husband and I want to have a child, so I need to quit smoking. I need opinions on what to do to keep my self occupied while I stop. Any tips on how to make it easier. Any input is appreciated. T...

 whats wrong with my foot?
About a month and a half ago I took a really hot bath and ever since them my big toe on my right foot has been numb. Recently my whole bottom part of my foot will go completely tingly like when it ...

 Tips on how to fall asleep quickly?
I would like to know if there are any easy ways to fall asleep faster at night.

 Is it bad to only get 6 hours of sleep but take a 3 hour nap during the day to make up for it?
I do this a lot it just works about better for me....

 My fingers sometimes move into a involuntary position what's wrong?
Is it a nerve condition? When this happens it feels like a cramp. Any one know a name for this disorder?...

 What do i have? Should I go to school or stay home?
I am coughing so much it hurts. i took some coughing pills and they are not helping. cough drops dont really help either. i am coughing so hard so much my chest hurts and i feel like throwing up. ...

 Why is horse riding bad when you're pregnant?
I enjoy horse riding.
But my Mum told me that i can't do it once i'm pregnant.
Why is this? She didn't explain the reason....

 twitching while sleeping?
My boyfriend is 25 and healthy, I have noticed lately that as soon as he falls asleep i mean in a matter of seconds when he closes hes eyes he twitches, that's how i know hes sleeping, and even ...

 Is it bad to drink soda if i have a sinus infection?
Today i woke up and when i blew my nose it came out yellow. I went to the doctor and i was diagnosed with one. So was wondering if it would be okay to drink some soda?...

 I smoked last night, my fingertips are stained, help!?
well, i got pretty drunk last night and ended up smoking, about 10 cigarettes hahaha, anyway, my index finger seems to be a little stained, and they still have a little smoke smell to them after ...

Why do i get dizzy from smoking a cigarette?
When i was 15 i tried a cigarette when my dad left. I hated it so i stopped. Now im 18 at uni and my gran died i started smoking. Started last week. Only smoke to a day. I smoke sterling red. Anyways everytime i smoke i get light headed and dizzy? Is this normal? Please dont lecture me on it i know its bad but i am only doing it cause im stressed and stuff


doctor it hurts when I do this

then don't do that

I get dizzy when I smoke

then don't do that.

Blah Blahblah
I understand your pain and I'm sorry.
I'm 18 and I started smoking around 6 month's ago. When I started I would get really dizzy and lightheaded, like I was going to pass out! Its because you're not use to the nicotine in the Cigarette, If you want to get rid of stress and live a tad bit longer, I would advice Marlboro Lights, they're not as bad as menthol's or red's. 6 month's later and I'm already coughing up blood.
Anyways, yeah! It will go away but it will take time.
By the way, I still get the dizzy feeling from the first cig of the day.

Prepare for withdrawals :]

Oxygen deprivation. Your brain is not getting enough oxygen when you're inhaling all that crap. Stop, it's a horrible habit.

You are light headed because you aren't getting enough oxygen to your brain and because the nicotine is overstimulating your heart.

Your lungs and heart don't know why you are smoking. Your brain just knows that it isn't getting enough oxygen.

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