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Why do doctors over book themselves and take so many patients?
Every time I go to any type of Dr. not only do you have to make an appt. a month in advance, but when the dr. sees you it's like they are rushing you right out of the room. I have a PPO and when I see a dr. I expect a thorough examination allowing me to ask any questions regarding my health at that time. Why do you over book and rush?

because they don't care about the people only money and their **********y* attitudes

..because many of them are nothing but money hungry scoundrels

I was just saying that when I went and seen my doctor last week. Exactly what you are saying, I sat in the waiting room for like an hour, then in the examing room for another 30 min. then I felt i was being rushed. Which I tried not to be, I am paying for this and want his full attention, seeing that he will be doing an operation on me. and they are money hungry. next time I go i will have a list of questions on hand and make sure he answers ALL my questions. Good luck with your doctor.

because of no shows
blame your fellow patients

I hope a doctor looks at your question... and comes up with an answer. I would like to know also.
I'll be watching... :)

Well described by Diane. She sounds like she really knows her stuff and a good head on her shoulders about this topic.
Its all on the philosophy of the particular office first and foremost.
Secondly, It takes an experienced scheduler to do this properly. There is a specific position just to do appointment setting. Quite frankly, its an art. It takes an individual to understand the workings of the back office and "really" know how much time it takes for a particular procedure, not the actual practitioner saying how much time they need because they really don't pay that much attention to specific timing. Its not really the blame on the doctors part. If someone doesn't quite know how to master the appointment book, it could be a real disaster.
A month in advance well.... its a busy practice, a popular practice that people want to be seen there. This is a good thing actually. Hopefully knowing that, they have a good reputation. Book your appt. 6 months in advance for your yearly.
Unfortunately overbooking is a huge issue.
Some offices overbook to compensate for those who are are no-confirm/no-shows and then of course everyone on any given day shows up.. Similar to air flight booking. Then lets not forget the emergencies.
In a dental/medical setting: Some arrive early and expect to be seen at that very moment. Some on time and also expect not to have to wait and then the ones who are late which creates the domino effect and can ruin the flow for the whole entire day. They really expect to be seen regardless!
The ones who arrive late are the ones that should be re-scheduled-- bar- none. This creates the most havoc, leads to kayos for everyone and the patient is in the thick of it getting the short end of the stick.
It takes a strong individual to know just what to say in a firm but polite manner with complete eye contact when telling them they were booked at a particular time slot and because they were not there for their scheduled time, they need to re-book again.
Its quite simple actually if one knows how to orchestrate.
As an innocent patient my recommendations would be:
"deep cleansing breaths"
"a good novel"

Just putting in my opinion.
Thank you.

Phils fan ~ 2008 WS CHAMPS!
well its either book over and rush or take your time and not see patients. if its important doctors wont rush, but they want to make sure they have time for those in need of attention.

Because so many patients just don' t show up. Inconsiderate patients fail to call and cancel when they know they can't make an appointment, thus preventing the doctor's office from taking walk-ins and from calling others with later appointments who need to come in earlier. (Later as in another day.)
It's just like why the airlines overbook... so many people aren't courteous enough to cancel when they know they can't make the flight.

CBS Network fan
Probably because they have a mortgage to a house they can't afford, car that is an import, and alimony paid to a former wife because of an affair and subsequent marriage to a second, trophy, wife who is very materialistic. Got to keep the cattle line at the office movin'!!

Because sometimes they have to work in people who are sick that day. When lots of people are sick, everyone wants and needs to be seen. Be patient.

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