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Why do doctors and dentists charge patients without insurance higher rates than those with insurance?

They are not suppose to because that would be against ethics. I would report them if you have proof they are doing it. I do know that like with our insurance they have a contract with doctors that they only get paid a certain amount per procedure or office visit.

Any ethical doctor doesn't.

This is not so in my experience; you need to find a clinic that will work payment on a sliding scale. A great example is the People's Community Clinic in Austin, TX.

My gf works for a doctor. From their perspective they know they will be paid by an insurance company, even though it's at a lower rate.

Cash patients have a high percentage of defaults and write-offs. They have to charge more per patient because they know they will have to write a lot of it off.

i thought it would be the other way around...

Typically, those with insurance are actually charged a higher rate. However, people with insurance are only responsible for a portion, or copayment, of that rate. Those without insurance are billed for the entire procedure rather than a portion of it.

Lee A
Because they contract with the insurance cos. & the insurance co. will than approve them as allowable to be serviced by those that they insure.
i.e. lower fee, but more customers ($$$$$).

Doesn't seem fair, does it? The people who can't afford insurance are charged more!

Although it seems wrong, I think it's because the insurance companies have negotiated a lower rate with the doctor for the people that they insure. That way, they pay less and the doctor will potentially get more patients coming to him if they're accepting that insurance plan.

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