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 im planning to quit smoking very soon need some help!?
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 what would happen (in hospital and before i go to hospital) if i didn't eat for 10 days or more? please help!!?
only answer the question, nothing more like hate mail or asking me why i want to do this or judging me. thank you. ...

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 Why am I so tired all the time?
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 can anyone tell me is this normal and what could it be?
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 I slept 14ish hours last night still really tired?
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 how do i stay awake at work?
I am a security guard and it's really quiet here until the employees comes in and i keep falling asleep. if the boss found me sleeping, i could be fired, so does anybody know any way to stay ...

 If I'm on amoxicillin for strep throat would it also help a possible UTI?

 WHY do I feel DIZZY???
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 How do I get to sleep?
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 I need mega help, please! ):?
I sleep about 12 or more hours a day..
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 what does it mean when i excessivly chew on my fingers?

 Need advice, PLEASE!!!?
Okay, so I did see that someone else on here had a similar problem, and I wish I knew what the outcome was. I stuck a garlic clove in my rectum as it was suggested as a natural remedy. However, I am ...

 Are Djarum special cloves worse for you than regular cigarettes?
I've been smoking them, but not a lot....

 Dehydrated but my body doesn't have the appetite to even have water in my mouth..?
What do i do?... I'm always like this after the sun goes down or at sunset. it NEVER happens during the day......

 First time smoking weed.?
So i rolled a joint out of a dime of weed and my mom isnt going to be home tomorrow from 10:45 to 2:30. How many hit should i take from the joint. Do you think that is enough time that she is gone. A...

 What's going on with me?
I've been experiencing these symptoms: fatigue, heartburn, I've lost a lot of weight within the past month, blurred vision, confusion, disturbed sleep pattern within the past 2 weeks, panic ...

Kaitlyn Q
Why do I get really tired at around 6-7pm, but then at 11pm-12am when I want to go to sleep, I'm not tired?

change your sleeping time . 10 30 pm to 5 30 am

I've been like that my entire life. It lead to me having some great paying night jobs. I would always fuss because the banks and courthouse and such were closed at night. lol
I don't think there is a answer to your question. I'm sure if you can try different things to help change it. Hot bathes, boring books, and the history channel help me relax enough to doze occasionally.
Hope it works out for ya, sweet dreams.

That Used To Happen To Me But I Started Doing Exerscise And Can Now Sleep Better,

You are probably tired around 6 or 7 because you had just eaten dinner and your body is working on digesting your food. Then you get a second wind later on.

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