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 twitching while sleeping?
My boyfriend is 25 and healthy, I have noticed lately that as soon as he falls asleep i mean in a matter of seconds when he closes hes eyes he twitches, that's how i know hes sleeping, and even ...

 Is it bad to drink soda if i have a sinus infection?
Today i woke up and when i blew my nose it came out yellow. I went to the doctor and i was diagnosed with one. So was wondering if it would be okay to drink some soda?...

 I smoked last night, my fingertips are stained, help!?
well, i got pretty drunk last night and ended up smoking, about 10 cigarettes hahaha, anyway, my index finger seems to be a little stained, and they still have a little smoke smell to them after ...

 Have to go back for a second blood test, really scared something serious is wrong? :'(?
I had 4 blood tests the other day to check for anemia, but they rang me and said I need one retaking, but my mum didn't ask them so they didn't specify why. I absolutely terrified this ...

 Questions about eating after vomiting & going to school tomorrow? x?
I woke up at 5am and vomited about 5 times. Same thing happened at 9am, although I was just retching cos there wasn't anything left to throw up, I've been sipping water all day. I went ...

 I have a horrible sleeping problem. I have to take a pill every night to sleep?
i take Lunesta every night and it helps me sleep well, at least 8-9hrs. i normally go to bed like 1am and wake up at 9am. But weird thing usually around 2pm I am sleepy and tired again. I try to ...

 how not to fall asleep during study/reading?
I get sleepy everytime i am reading. i am going to school to be a CLT, and everytime i am studying i get really lazy and sleep. Can someone please tell me how to stay awake when i'm reading? ...

 How do I easily make myself throw up? I need to miss school tomorrow.?
Yeah I know there are health consequences but I desperately need to skip school tomorrow. I tried gagging myself and found it impossible, are there any easier solutions?...

 How much does LASIK surgery cost?

 will I pass a pee test by taking a cleaning softgel an hour before my test and only urinating one time?
I had to take a random test,I had smoked a little before I new about the test.I had an Omni cleansing softgel I had taking on the way(1 hour before test time) I only got to urinate one time before ...

 question about peptol bismol (dollar store brand)?
My grandma left me out a little medicine cup of some peptol bismol (dollar store brand) because I had stomach aches today. I got better and didn't take it. Now it's forming some sort of ...

 How should I *best achieve* my best sleep?
I sleep most comfortably without any pillow behind my head. - Instead, I sleep with my pillow underneath my knees. <-This way, I keep from turning in my sleep, which helps to control my snoring.<...

 What are some things to help a person quit smoking cigarettes?

 Can you help answer my complicated question about health insurance and preexisting conditions?
I'm 27, live in TN (if that matters), I don't smoke or drink, I eat healthy, I'm not overweight. Aside from a recent root canal I'm perfectly healthy as far as I know. I have ...

 Can you do too many blood pressure tests?
can I ruin viens in my arm....

 Why are my lips hurt/chapped feeling?
Ok since I've gotten my boyfriend...IDK if this has anything to do with it or not, but anyways my lips seem more chapped and on the left side is sorta cracked feeling. I usually have chapped ...

 what can i do, i lost my voice?
what can i do to get my voice back??
i lost it like two days ago:
& i cant find it. hahaa :)...

 If you remove tobacco from cigarettes, is it still harmful?
I'm using cigarettes for something completely unrelated to actually smoking them entirely...I'm really against the Tobacco Companies. I've pulled all the tobacco out and all that ...

 So I haven't smoked marijuana in about a month. This morning I took two hits out of a pipe. Am I dirty?
also I have an upcoming drug test and I really need to pass. Will working out a lot help?...

 What’s a good way to relax after a work out?

Constipated Duck
Why do I feel like I'm going to pass out when I stand up?
Every time I stand for more than about 5 minutes or so I feel as if I'm going to pass out. I'm a 16 year old girl. Sometimes I get dizzy and everything goes black like if I'm on my period or when I get out of a hot shower or if I stand up too fast but that's not what I'm talking about. Sometimes when I stand up for a while everything turns white and I know I'm about to pass out and I have to just sit down and put my head between my legs. Sometimes whenever I work out I also feel like I'm going to pass out. I'm just wondering if this is a serious issue or if it's common I don't know what to? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! :)

SERIOUS ISSUE! Seek medical advice ASAP! That's not in any way normal hun. Tell your parents about it and MAKE them take you to your physician NOW!

Tiktaalik Yourmom
You have severe postural hypotension - basically means low blood pressure. It's starting to affect your everyday life, which means it's time to see a doctor.

do you feel numbness²in your legs or arms ?
do you have pains in the bottom your back,stomach, also do you feel pains in your head and those pains change suddenly ( in your head)?
do you see nightmares?
do you like darkness,seclusion?
do you always feel that you are tired?

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