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 Why am I always worried?
Everyday I'm always worried that i'm not good enough! For things like work and especially people. I have a hard time making any commitment with anyone because i truly feel like i am not ...

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 tea to fall asleep.whats the deal?
iam wondering something.how does drinking tea before bedtime cause you to have a better nights rest as some people suggest?seems to me like you would be up all night.whats in tea that helps with a ...

 Whenever I get mad, my face starts twitching. Is this normal?

 Dizzy eyes, NOT dizzy head.?
My eyes feel dizzy the past two or three days. Don't misunderstand: My head doesn't feel dizzy. It's not like I feel as if I'm going to fall over or anything. My eyes just seem ...

 Can you smoke tobbacco with normal paper?
Normal paper used in printers and other ...

 i have 3 bruises on my leg...i forgot how i got them?
IS THAT BAD!??! just 2 little ones and one i actually do reemember someone told me its bad to have random bruises but its only 2 TINY ones AHH im just freaking out over nothing right?...

 has anyone heard of Melatonin which helps you sleep at night?
I have bought some tablets called Melatonin which is meant to help you sleep at night but nobody around me has heard of them and thinks they are not good for you. Let me know if you use them or have ...

 Can i put my contact lenses in water over night?
I was wondering if it would be ok to put them in water just over night, the most 8 hours until i can buy solution. There are no stores open where i could possibly buy any solution i have looked. I ...

 Serious Question: Having a dream that you're peeing, then actually peeing?
Last night I was having a dream where I was selling fruit, and then all of a sudden in my dream I was in the bathroom. Then I feel myself peeing, and wake up and run to the bathroom. It was really ...

 I was wonderin how long it takes for the body to rid of thc?
..... I had took a couple of hits about a couple of weeks ago. This week I have a drug test and was wondering if I would pass? The last time i believe that i happened to smoke weed was last summer. i ...

 should i be worried about this?
for the past 2 days or so the muscles in my upper back/neck shoulder area are intensely cramped up and hard, the left side of my head and neck down to my arm and fingers are semi numb and tingling, ...

 Are sunglasses unhealthy?
My son got sunglasses stuck in his hair. Should I allow him to keep using them? Are sunglasses unhealthy?...

 whats wrong with my friends grandma?
i only know this because she told me and my friend about it every time it got worse. she has this rash. its been on her arms and legs the past week. three days ago it spread all over she said it was ...

 What is wrong with me? Please help!?
I am a 20 year old female, recently have been having some strange things happen and am slightly freaking out. Firstly i went to a concert and dont remember my favourite song being played when all ...

 do sweets curb cravings for crack?

 i have trouble falling to sleep even with tylenol pm!!! what to do?
my mind always goes when im trying to sleep, i can never stop thinking!! how do i stop and just sleep? ive even taken tylenol pm or benadryl, but any other suggestions that won't make me groggy ...

 4th day random nose bleed?
My nose stopped bleeding, literally 5 minutes ago. This bleeding has been happening at least once every day since Saturday morning. And it's kind of a lot of blood every time. And right now my ...

 I pee in the bed. although i cant feel when i have to pee at night.?
Okay it is NOT that im to lazy to get up. I dont drink after 8:00( i got to bed at like mid night or 10) i go to pee even if i have to force myself before i go to bed. But most people when they have ...

Why did I get dizzy and pass out for no apparent reason?
I woke up, and I went to take a shower. Halfway through I felt like I couldn't breathe(i don't have asthma) so I turned of the shower and tried to get out. Then everything just got blurry, everything felt like it was spinning and it was hard to balance. After a few moments it felt as if my body was disconnected from my brain, my body just slumped despite my will to keep it up and I fell. As I looked up, everything was still spinning, and I was freaking out because I was mentally conscious and couldn't control anything, so I just closed my eyes. I don't know ow long I layed there, If i even blacked out. But when i was ble to get up again I dizzly got my robe, went to a couch and called for my sister to give me some breakfeast. I am 14 years old, healthy, haven't done or tried drinking, smoking or drugs. Why did this happen to me?

I had the same problem. I went to my doctor, who sent me to a specialist. He found, using a dye and a machine, that I blockage to my heart. I had surgery the next day, and 1-1/2 years later, I am fine. PS The surgery was easy. No pain afterwards. Home in 6 days Cause of blockage: green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce. And mayo. All high in Vitamin K. which causes thickening of the blood.

happens to me to apparently its got to do with blood or something in your head you have to hold your breath and breath out without breathing out and u dont feel dizzy no more try it next time if it works vote best answer

"Talk di tings dem"
a number of things could have caused this; Not having breakfast, low hemoglobin/iron, a vasovagal moment (look it up on the internet), heart/head problems. If it happens again you definitely need to have it checked out at the doctor.

Have you been on a diet? Have you restricted your food intake so much that you lack energy? Or, are you suffering morning sickness? You know, being pregnant also makes you sick and dizzy in the early morning until you get some food in. Some women keep a few crackers near the bed table which they nibble on before they get up.

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