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 can I take vitamins before I go to sleep?

 I've been smoking cigarette and it has been causing me some health problems?
I've been smoking tobacco for 3 years and I was wondering if I should move on to weed. I deal with a lot of stress while I am at work. There is no way I can quit because I've been a heavy ...

 Help please!!!!?
I asked and really didn't get too many answers. My parents got away with not imunizing me. Now I am 15 and about to start high school in the fall. I have to have all my shots before I can start. ...

 What is the use of eye brow ?

 Smokers....I would like your opinion. . .?
I am so stressed lately and everyone around me smokes. THey make it seem like it is the best stress reliever ever. I have never smoked and never really wanted to, but I feel like I am at the end of ...

 my skin colour is getting darker day by day even tough i dont get out into sun..?

 I have got a cold and I am feeling really bad,my nose is stufed out and my troat hurts,what should I do?Help!!
I already took medication since yesterday but it's not working,there is anything else that I could do to make this cold go away faster?Anything that I could prepare at the house?Please help!...

 I Have a Horrible Sunburn! Yellow Liquid Is Leaking Out Of My Face!?
I was out in the sun for about 10 hours yesterday!

My face is horribly red, and so are my arms, chest, and back.

The skin is starting to peel, and where my face peeled the skin ...

 what is more hostile than death?
i need the best ...

 What would make you quit smoking?
I know other people have asked this question but I wanted to ask it sort of differently.

Everyone knows cigarettes bad for you. That it's worse than marijuana and crack combined. That ...

 what is the over the counter equivalent of vicodin?

 I have a sore throat, how do I heal it?
I came down with a sore throat 2 days ago. It isn't getting better, but worse. I can't swallow anything. I don't know how to heal it....

 Why are people not supposed to wear contact lenses when they sleep?
How is it bad for you?
I'm just wondering because I wear them to sleep all the time...
My eyesight hasn't gotten worse.
I forget to take them off at night, that's why....

 What would cause your tongue to swell at night?
I don’t snore. I am consistently waking up feeling like I bit my tongue in several places that wasn’t like that the night before....

 This is a serious inquiry. When a prescription medicine is to be taken with food, how much food is necessary?
In other words, does the instruction "take with food" mean
a full dinner or would a glass of milk or piece of cake or candy be enough?...

 Having stomach problems???
For like a week now i have been having extreme upset stomach. I have been watching what i eat but no matter what i eat my stomach gets real upset. Its mostly at nite & the morning but the feeling ...

 what is the best way to get more sleep at night?
I have trouble sleeping at night as I toss and turn in the middle of the night. By the time im finally asleep, it almost 6am. Then I have too wake up at 8am for work. When I wakeup all I want to do ...

 is an adult who starts bed wetting a symptom of something wrong ?
try not to make fun of it....

 Any truth to this?
Is it true that if you shower or bathe at night and go right to sleep, you will get sick. This seems to be true from experience because I get very bad headaches the next day when my hair doesn'...

 Has anybody ever used any of those over the counter earwax remover kits? Do they work?
Are they safe? It seems like a bad idea to pour fluid down your ear canal. Should one see a doctor for this?...

Kuma Ninotori
Whats the strongest drug in the world?
My annoying friend keeps saying its morphine when i know it isnt. For the sake of shutting her up, does anyone know what the actual strongest drug you can take is? Of any kind?

The strongest drug and also the most effective is called Viagra

Viagra boost your stamina in many ways and also have side effects to make the person in delusion

Drugs you can get at pharmacy's.

u want die faster try chesse

ant boogie
placebo, the power of suggestion and




Zach Ulrich
the strongest drug is the one you become enslaved to in bondage.

#4 All Day
morphine is the strongest painkiller.........the strongest legal in the united states. heroin is stronger, and its legal for people in surgery, etc in other countries but people in the US abuse it too much so obviously it cantbe used as a legit painkiller here. the strongest drug is probably meth (meth and heroin are the most addictive, if thats what you mean by strong). theres not necessarily a way to determine the "strength" of a drug unless its by addictiveness.

Fennatal is supposed to be 100 times more potent than heroin.

Salvia is the strongest hallucinogen.

And many people would say crystal meth. It really depends on what you mean by "strongest". Potency? Addictiveness?

It looks like only one person is right. Fentanyl is the strongest, by far. It's the strongest painkiller, it's legal, and it's most likely the strongest drug overall. a few MGs of Fentanyl can equal hundreds of MGs of morphine. And then there's other versions of Fentanyl that are stronger than that.

I'm a counsellor at a jail and i can tell you that methamphetamine is the hardest one to kick.


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