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 i'm a dancer, and i find i often get thrush due to wearing tight leotards, does anyone else find this?
i know this is a little intimate. but.
i just wondered if any other dancers had this problem?
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 Can anyone really become a doctor?
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What will happen if I don't sleep for two days?
I just wanted to know if I didn't sleep until Saturday, what could happen to me concerning health effects, etc.


E. Von Dahl
You'd be very tired and cranky. When your mind enters the 5th stage of sleep, REM, your brain heals itself. REM is necessary for a well-functioning brain. I wouldn't really recommend staying up for 2 days and being on coffee. Coffee, although it is heavenly and I drink it all the time, the caffeine is bad for your heart. The most I've stayed up is 36 hours and I was actually okay and I probably could've made it another 12, but it's just not a really good thing to do to yourself. Why'd you want to stay up that late anyway?


You will become disoriented and possibly hallucinate. It is dangerous to go against the body's natural order.

Basically youll get very very tired and it will take a long time to really catch up on that sleep, you wont be totally normal for a week or two. at the same time nothing cat strophic will happen, if you were able to make it three days you might start to go insane, or have hallucinations although I've never found hard evidence of this, its just written down in a lot of places.

i have insomnia and ive gone two days without sleep before... dont do it, you'll feel like youre going insane. if anything, you'll pass out and fall asleep without helping it.

Tesco - very little help
You will feel dizzy and lightheaded, irritable, sleepy, confused, have difficulty coordinating, nausea and altered bowel function.

It won't cause permanent damage, but if you're going to do this then please don't even think of driving a car.

You could get sick! You have to sleep ...at least make sure you are drinking enough water. You will most likely just be worn out more then anything.

People have been known to do ok on no sleep for 48 hours, but you will feel weak, have trouble concentrating, possible hallucinations, grouchy, and your eyes will probably feel like falling out of your scull. Stay hydrated and well fed, and you could do it. I knew someone who was able to stay up for 64 hours, but they were really screwed up. I wouldn't recommend it! 2 days wouldn't have any long term health effects on you.

You’ll surely have those black circles around your eyes, you’ll feel little ugly, you’ll be feeling lazy, tired, you’ll have those yawing all the time; I mean you’ll be a complete mess!

When i was younger i once stayed awake for 52 hours whilst covering an emergency at work. My experience was that after the first 24hours you kinda get over the tiredness feeling and start feeling quite detached from reality. You also seem to take on a greyish complexion. Your head hurts everytime you move it from side to side and images lag a few milliseconds behind, dizziness is also a problem. You get sudden bouts of tiredness but they go and the feelings already stated get worse. You lose appetite and you start hallucinating in a very trippy kind of way. After 36 hours or so
you kind of feel like a zombie. If you sit down you kinda have mini naps with your eyes open and glazed.

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