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 Dark stool...Pepto Bismol? Liver disease?
Every time I've gone to the bathroom for about the past 2 weeks my stool has much darker than usual, a very dark brown, almost black. I did take some Pepto Bismol around that time and a little ...

 i have bad blood circulation in my arms/hands, what do i do?
i have bad blood circulation in my arms/hands my hands are always cold... when i play basketballl... i am sweating and i expect my hands and arms to be warm... but they are always cold is there any ...

 how to fall asleep FAST!!!!!?????!!!!!?

 Do you sleep with your eyes open or closed ?
I sleep with mine ...

 What causes sandy looking urine?
The other day I peed and it looked like fine grained sand/dirt in my urine?! What in the world could of caused this or should I call my doc's office on Monday?...

 what can you do for easily bruised skin?

 irregular sleep patterns - how can you get it back to normal?
im always tired because of this......

 why do you think this happened?
yesterday i didnt eat anything at all........my stomach felt like it was full and if i ate something i felt like i was stuffing myself.......i had went out fishing with a friend and the only thing i ...

 I was put in diapers is this normal?
I am 20 and Had a back operation a few weeks ago. The night before the operation a Aid came into my room with bags of diapers (adult size) and some related supplys and baby powder . I ask what thats ...

 whats wrong with my health?
ok so:
ive been getting REALLY dizzy lately and i cant even stand up.
ive been getting hot then cold then hot then cold.
like 5 minutes ago (and this happined a few times) my heart ...

 How much worse (if at all) is it to relight a cigarette?
I've been weaning myself off for a while, partially by smoking half of one then smoking the other half later. For some reason smoking half of one convinces my brain that it's the same as a ...

 How long have you ever gone without sleep?
I'm just curious to know how long people can stay up. And after you stayed up how long did you sleep?...

 I am so tired all the time!?
I am always tired, it seems. I can get through the day, but when I get home after college and work, I am just exhausted. I even sometimes fall asleep at 6 at night for a few hours. I work out all the ...

 How do I learn my blood type?
I want to learn my blood type. I gave blood a little while ago and they never told me my type. how do I learn?...

 my daughter's neck is twitching?
my daughter is ten years old. about 3 days ago i noticed she had started twitching her head. i thought for a while she was playing around but after the second day i started to get after her telling ...

 Im 14 I really want to go work in Haiti ill help to do anything but just to help and be there plus...?
I would do anything to go there.
Plz help me out guys!
God Bless you....

 how can you raise your metabolism...10 points?
what are some things or foods that i can eat that will raise my metabolism....

 What is the fastest way to stop a bloody nose?
I get a bloody nose at least once every 2 days (I know its not normal) but what would be a fast way to stop them....

 How does blood pressure medication work? side effects?
does it mess with your head?


 I may have ingested broken glass?
I recently ate a jam sandwich using jam which, unbeknownst to me, may have had broken glass in it. (The big broken piece had been removed, but of course there can always be little specks and shards ...

Kxria XI
What is the normal heart rate (bpm) during sleep?
I've decided to take my pulse in the middle ofthe night when I am having my sleeping problems (feeling too tired to sleep) and I find that the rate ranges from 52-62 bpm. Is this a normal range for a 19 yr old female?


Leslie S
If you are in good shape it is good/normal.If you are overweight or diabetic you should tell your doc. Resting heart rate for women is slightly higher than for men but the main factor is the aerobic shape you are in.

it depends on what kind of shape you're in-on average, athletes have lower heart rates than those who do not exercise as often. If you are in good health, maybe not a marathon runner (in which case this heart rate may even be a bit fast for a resting heart rate), but at a healthy size, then it is just fine. Don't worry about it.

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