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 I hit my head really hard about 6 hours ago , can i go to sleep?
I feel fine , I dont feel dizzy , it still hurts , and i have a bump . And it hurts when i think about it . Im not throwing up or anything , and im not dizzy . My head just hurts , but im so tired . A...

 am i not getting enough sleep?
school starts for me at 7:00 am my bus comes at 6 45 and then i end up going to bed around 11:30 lately i haven't been acting like myself. My behavior is different than it usually is. my ...

 Have you had Appendicitis?
If so, at what age? your answer would be ...

 How to stay not sick for 1-2 more weeks?
Hi. I have a cold that is coming. I'm taking some tylenol and some halls. Symptoms are very mild congestion, mild runny nose, and mild cough. My throat itches when I talk. Basicaslly I need ...

 why do i feel light headed and dizzy? also my heart is beating really fast?
Ive been looking after 4 children today under the age on 7 and been on my feet most of the day.. they have run me ragged, just come home now and i feel the above.. pls help. thanks im 20 btw.....

 My husband has a history of DVT's and doctors can not figure out why.Blood thinners aren't working. Need Help!?
Hes been on Coumadin, Lovinox, and now hes on Fragmin. Hes's failed all three. He has a filter, but even that has a clot in it. He's had 12 so far and none of the doctors can figure out why....

 Am I going to get pregnant?
My boyfriend and I have been having dreams about getting pregnant and going through with having the child. What does this mean? Does it mean we are likely to get pregnant in the near future?...

 Some One Plz Help Me I Need Answers Quick. ?
my stomach its really bothering me, it's like a burning sensation below my ribcage, the pain is moderately severe but when im done eating it hurts really bad. and i have nausea,indigestion, pain ...

 Do enemas hurt If you do it by yourself?
I'm curious....

 What kind of physician do I see to check for a hernia?

 is it good to kinda stay up late.. then during the mid day take a small nap?
my frend once told me its good for u if u kinda stay up late, then during the day u take a small nap... like for me, isleep at like twelve, wake up at 5:42 for school, during the school day.. ifinish ...

 what could be wrong with me?
For the [ast few weeks Ive started to feel nauseous after eating, and as if my stomach was always full, over the past week Ive been urinating quite frequently even if I dont drink much that day! I ...

 K wierd thing happened............?
The other night my leg was randomly shaking i wasn't cold hadn't had any caffeine idk what caused it but it was really wierd and even more annoying what could it have been and what can ...

 Serious Question: Having a dream that you're peeing, then actually peeing?
Last night I was having a dream where I was selling fruit, and then all of a sudden in my dream I was in the bathroom. Then I feel myself peeing, and wake up and run to the bathroom. It was really ...

 (3) 25mg benydril ok to take for sleep?
to sleep, don't tell me all that bs about how bad it is to do that for sleep. just is it safe, that's all i want to know....

 Why does my eye keep twitching?
Ever since... Sunday I think, my left eye keeps randomly twitching for no reason. Why? Also, is there anything I can do to make it stop?...

 How often do people bleed in their sleep?

 Should I go to the doctor?
I've been sick since yesterday. I vomited 4 times yesterday and 2 times today. I've also had some problems with diarrhea both days. I'm getting really dehydrated, I can't even ...

 When does too much sleep become a problem?
My boyfriend and I recently got an apartment together. For the past few months, I've noticed that whenever he isn't at work, he sleeps. I've gone out for a few hours and returned only ...

 sometimes it really stings when I pee?
I have had this problem on and off for like at least since I was 13 and im now about to turn 18 and it's not an STD.. what could this be? it happens a few times a month and hurts so bad I get ...

What does it mean when you sleep a lot?
I stay up all night and when I go to bed at about 5:00 am I'd wake up at about 2:00 or 3:00 pm. And sometime If I wake up at 2:00 I would wake up for about 15 seconds and then go back to sleep and wake up at around 4:00 pm. Oh yeah and last night I went to bed at 5:00 am again and my mom woke me up at 12:00 pm. Then we went out for a couple of hours and then when i came home today at three i took a nap and didnt wake up until 7:00 pm.

bill the businessman
your mind is adjusting(trying) to what you are doing to it..but just so you are not depressed, this could effect your sleep too..

well night time shift workers do it all the time. It's a learned habit and if you want to change it you have to unlearn it. The body has lost the natural "circadian rythyms" that operate in the sleep area by darkness and light. You have along road ahead of you to learn to sleep at dark and wake when it's daylight. 8 hours is enough. In particular practice getting tired at about 9pm by not doing anything that excites the mind. Including TV etc. quiet reading. Gentle music. A gradual settling down process in a quiet environment was what happened when you were a baby and it can be remade.

If you go to bed late. You will wake up late. Generrally you have to get 15 hours of sleep. Which it looks like your body is getting. You dont have a diesiese you just need to get to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier

If you sleep really late you'll tend to oversleep the next day. Get a reasonable bed time and you shouldn't have such long lie-ins everyday.

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