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What does Carpal Tunnel feel like?
I have been having some pain in my elbow and my wrist, all the way up my arm and shoulder. It feels like its asleep(half asleep, if that makes sense)My Grandmother thinks its Carpal Tunnel. Any help? Its my whole arm that I feel tingling in, and I feel a slight pain in my wrist and elbow. Thanks!! Oh and another thing it almost feels like burning. I rub, shake, andsometimes it even feels itchy. And I feel it more in my thumb and ring finger. My palms are also asleep. I dont have diabetes.

sounds like carpal tunnel to me. i had surgery for it, that helped but my wrist is not as strong anymore.

gangadharan nair
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Please see the webpage for more details.

If you had CT, then shaking it would ease the pain. With CT, you usually feel the pain at night, after you've rested for several hours. That burning sensation is what worries me. You didn't mention if it was your RT arm or LT arm. You should really have it checked out, if you want to research it a little, you can go to webmd.com, just type in Carpal, and it will give you a list of the symptoms.

Terri C.
Sounds like what my sister had--and it was diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel. She worked for a cookie company, and the way she had to be constantly holding the trays did it to her. The company did pay for her doctor and physical therapy--most of which she was able to do at home.

She's fine now--but will not take that type of job again. Hope you are better real soon. :)

put both your left and right middle knuckles facing each other and the back of your Rt hand (dorsal aspect) touching the back of your lt hand evenly then push it inwards. if you can do that without feeling anything then dont worry about it you dont have carpal tunnel.

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