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 my ankles hurts?
i didnt twist it or anything i just woke up yesterday and it was hurting real bad. and today its swollen. i havent hurt it. what could be wrong?...

What causes blood pressure discrepancies in different arms?
Why would your blood pressure read 20 higher on your right arm versus your left

Sassy OLD Broad
sparhawk has it right! Your CORRECT blood pressure will be in your left arm as it is closer to your heart. No big deal. Also, it can depend on the size of your arm. If it is large, you need an extra large cuff to take the pressure or your reading will be higher than it actually is. Good Luck...

that's a radical sign of hazardous blood hypertension causes and heart failure .. and thrombotic problems, double check that repeatedly .. and consult a doctor immediately ..

Your left arm is closer to your heart that's what causes the difference.

Blood pressure discrepancies in different arms can be caused by blockages in the arteries.

I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor about this possibility and have it checked out.

Consequently, because of my Mother dying from an undiagnosed heart condition, all three of us girls from that time forward have to have our blood pressure taken in both arms as a early detection of heart conditions.

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