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What causes a person to always be tired even if the sleep a lot?

Not eating enough, probably. It could even be depression.

its called oversleeping.

diabetes, sleeping beauty syndrome, flu, ect. you should go see a doctor about it, there are a lot of possibilities

EYUP! [Bex!]
You could be anemic. (Low amount of red blood cells)
Symptoms for anemia are -
Tiredness, Weakness, Short of Breath, Light headed, you feel like your heart is racing, heavy periods, pale skin, irritability and probably more.

Get a blood test, testing for anemia, and hypothyroid which is also possible. (Slow metabolism)

Good luck, hope you wake up soon ;) x

Emma M
Sleeping too much can also be the problem. You need to get some exercise daily, it will help you feel more energised during the day and get a more restful sleep also.

Other than that, like someone else said, it can be because of a range of medical reasons e.g low blood sugar, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) anemia, depression etc. best to get it checked out!

because he or she doesn't get enough supply of food,sleeping is not enough and they said that too much sleep can cause headache. also,it can be because of depression or what a person is thinking. our brain work and work then it affects our body to do some activities, maybe because of imagination,, you are thinking that you are tired but actually you are not, ;;;there are many possibilities my dear

It is difficult to answer because the causes can be very numerous. Are you male or female. How old are you? What is your weight/height? Is this new or has this been going on for a long time?

These questions and more would be needed to even come close to getting an answer.

My stab-in-the-dark is that you could have a thyroid disorder such as hypothyriodism. A simple blood test will let you know. It is characterized by weight gain, dry skin, brittle hair, sleeping disorders, depression, irritability, facial swelling, vision changes, low blood pressure, and goiter formation in your lower neck. I have no idea if this is your issue, but hypothyroidism is unfortunately very common. The good thing is that it is usually very treatable.

babe77 (caitlins mum)
lack of iron i am always tired

idk but when you find out please tell me.
....i have that same problem!!! and its really bad!!!
good luck ;)

You should get you blood work checked for low iron.

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