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 HELP please,??????? PLEASE...........?
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is that normal when you have a cold its never happened ...

 Any help appreciated!!!!?
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 Almost fainted for no reason?
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 Sweaty hands.... help?
for some reason i ALWAYS have sweaty hands they dont go away. how do i fix this. ps. lotion makes it 10 x worse....

 throwing up EVERYTHING.....?
i got picked up from school around 9:30, then i came home, and around 10:30 i threw up my dinner from last night, and my breakfast. i laid down for about an hour, and i threw up again (i did not eat ...

 Did I faint? Not sure what happened :S?
well I was in the shower yesterday and all of a sudden I got that feeling you get when you stand up too quick and my vision started to go cloudy and got this wave of pain in my head. After a few ...

What's wrong with me? Diarrhea, stomach cramps, tired, aching muscles/bones, feellike I'm going to be sick? :(?
It just came on really suddenly last night. My muscles, especially my thighs, lower back and hip area are aching. Now, this morning, it's gotten worse and I had diarrhea and I just tried to eat some weetabix but it's made my stomach start cramping and I feel like I'm going to throw up :(

I'm slightly underweight and it's been freezing and snowing the last week or so, my Mum thought the cold had just got through to my bones, but why would that cause diarrhea and stomach cramps?

I feel terrible :( Would painkillers help alot?

Norwegian Rasta
Go see a doctor, do not rely on strangers on a website.

Princess Consuela Bananna Hammock
Its the flu.

Portuguese tart
Pain killers will help with the aching pain in your back/hip but not with the stomach problem. I suggest you visit your GP. I dont see how the pain is linked to the feeling sick so you might have a stomach virus/bug and your mum might be right about the cold too.

Best way to find out is see a pro. If you cant leave the house - due to having to use the loo... call that NHS number, they get a nurse to call you back, brilliant service, i've used it a few times.

0845 4647

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