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Kind regards


Trick the scale at the doctors?
I need to find a way to trick the scale at the doctors. I need to be heavier than I really am. but I have to get into one of those gowns and take off my shoes. Please do you have any ideas? Don't ask why, please! I just really need to know if there is a way.

Problematic Princess
Why do you need to do this?

Are you being tested for an eating disorder or something, and you don't want them to know that you're lighter than you really are?

If so, this is a really STUPID thing that you're doing and you really should think about this.
I've seen people end up in the hospital and almost DIE because of this kind of thing.

If I'm totally off here, I apologize but I just need to make sure you're not going to hurt yourself.

i dont think there is away unless eating big meal rite be4 but that would only add like 3 lbs at most. theres no way to trick it and there's reasons the doctor needs to know your wieght bc of certain health risks related to your weight.

Yeah, that's smart. Trick the doctor so he can't properly diagnose you in any way shape or form. Then when you get ill and bed-ridden, you can lay there wondering "Golly, why didn't the doctor know I was so sick?!"

I don't care what your reason is. No matter what it's wrong. If you have any respect for yourself, you'll get a proper checkup and listen to the honest opinion of the doctor.

i'd love to help you, but you need to be a healthy weight, and if you are not, then the doctor needs to know. And if you are, then this is just weird. I guess just eat your big meal right before you go? water weighs a lot too. But don't hurt yourself.

Rob B
The doctor is there to help you improve your health which, in turn, helps you live. Why would you want to trick him/her? If you have something wrong with you that you feel the need to trick your doctor then you need psychiatric help because you're being suicidal.

I Am D
no I don't think there is a way. Eat a lot of food before you go and that will make you a little heavier. That may not work because you might be anorexic

mum to an angel
drink lots of water and not urinate.

i had to be heavier last week i drank 2½ litres of water before my appointment and got what i wanted.

Drink a gallon of water ~~that is about 9 pounds

eat a bunch before you go or push down on the scale when their weighing you.

why are you anerexic or bulimic? thats bad there isnt really anything you can do eat alot before you go

stand more heavily on one leg. but make sure he doesnt notice cos obv its cheating.

phillip b
sort your issues out
be brave
and get this principle in your life it will realy help you if you apply it
From my research and inspiration I have led to a concept called karma and this seems to be the only thing stopping us from achieving , health wealth and happiness

Karma therapy
The orion project is for the Sharing of information . This information some of which has actively been submerged by vested interest parties more concerned with profit/power rather than your health .
Following the principles outlined in the Orion project will lead you to real wealth=health.
One of the most powerful allies to any person is to know about karma therapy for if you understand this you can even

Avoid getting health or wealth or happiness problems

Or if you currently have problems in those areas

Give you the most effective tool, which I have come across to help you alleviate them.

This is the tool

The value of giving
Putting something or some service into society is one of the most transforming tools with which we all benefit . The value of it is much higher than we can possibly know and it should be included as part of everyone’s health program. The giver may ask how will helping others help my health and me! That is a very good question, which is very worthy of a serious amount of thought. This touches on the concept which is called karma .

For if one truly wants to live with the great allies of Health, wealth, happiness, Love and all those effects which one values one should really understand this concept. It is the only thing, which explains the apparent randomness of the effects, which come upon people.

Effects are all aspects of health, Wealth, Richness, [note these two are separate] Happiness etc.
What is karma? Put simply it is the law of cause and effect. Or put as another way as you sow so shall you reap, or what goes around comes around. What do we mean by sowing? Simply every action or deed you do causes an effect and every thought causes an effect.

So if you have sown good deeds as in helping others, being of service, giving love and Kindness for lengthy periods of time you can expect to reap those seeds. Alternatively if we have sown other deeds and thoughts of a hurtful nature we can expect problems of one nature or another to beset us.

Edgar Cayce frequently mentioned in treating disease that we were working against karma and frequently told people that they would get well faster by helping others.

Ah you may say why is it that babies are sometimes born with so many impediments; they have not sown wrongful acts.

Yes they have not in this lifetime but what about their previous lives as in reincarnation. You may not wish to go into this subject at this time but there are millions of references to it, some in the bible and a lot of eastern religions, some people can actually remember their past lives.

There is now even past life regression therapy used in hypnosis to treat phobias, which are not connected with this lifetime.

now listen to this next concept really carefully
If we are unwell and by implication therefore suffering from past seeds sown it follows therefore one of the fastest ways to get well is to incorporate into your treatment plan service or giving to somebody as often as you can .

Ask for opportunities to be of service .I have proved this concept on a daily basis and feel that this concept is so important in all types of healing and to achieve other effects like having friends ,enriching experiences, money and other effect which we all need.

Just a few examples of how we can be of service –giving Sharing our being, our wealth, sending our thoughts, giving to charity, sharing a joke, uplifting someone, giving listening time, giving healing, giving labour, giving love, giving entertainment, giving food, giving information and a million more ways.
Edgar cayce gave many thousands of examples of karma at work ,he even told one person who asked to be healed that to cure him of this thing would be to no avail as another would surely come .

As you can see from this statement the man has got to work it off ,this apply to us all and its not just health either that this applies to .Virtually every effect you can name .

All is seen ,all is heard, all is felt.

The wise among you will take the attitude of discovering the areas of service you have to make amends on before effects of ill health reach you whether it be cancer, Parkinson’s blindness or what have you.

So I strongly advise that you engage in some kind of voluntary work and I believe that virtually everyone should be engaged in some kind of healing practice for others preferably on a daily basis.

how to discover this?

Well I suggest you pray to be shown or ask the universe to reveal it to you.
reveal the areas which are most suited to service

Just going along in your life and living for self and not bothering until problems come can b

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