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 I fall asleep better in the day time, rather than at night. Does that mean I'm nocturnal?

 Why does an old knee injury bother me when it is either cold or raining out?
In July I went to a soccer camp in NC i dislocated my knee on the first day of camp. I was out for the whole camp plus two months of my soccer season. I came back during my high school season not so ...

 Is it bad to eat late at night?
Sometimes i eat about an hour before bed=/ i've heard it's bad... Is it?...

 My upper left arm hurts & my hand turned blue. What is wrong?
In the past few months this has happened to me twice. I've noticed that my left arm will have a pain all day (between my shoulder and elbow) and then I've noticed that my left hand is ...

 Digestive Issue, what could be wrong?
I know YA isn't the best place to ask, but before I go to the doctor, was wondering if anyone has had this issue, or would know what's wrong?

For the last two months I haven'...

 Got up way too quickly and I got really dizzy.?
This morning I got up from bed too quickly when my alarm went off and felt really dizzy. It feels better when I lay down but how do I fix this?...

 My eyelid has been twitching for a while now, (about 30 minutes), how do I get it to stop?!?
It hurts, not a lot, but a little, each time it twitches, and it feels soooo weird!...

 Husband falls asleep all the time - a bit worried?
My husband is 41 and ever since I have met him he has always boasted about being able to sleep wherever he is really quickly, but recently, he has started to fall asleep all the time when he gets ...

 Could I have a 'precondition' (as termed by health insurance companies) if i have no KNOWN conditions......?
I am 26.
last time i had any health insurance was in college 2 years ago.
I have been to the doctors like 3 times in my life for minor things like fever.
So the question is that.........

 Help when you must stay awake for around 24+hours?
I must stay awake for the next 24 + hours. I know my head will be just so warped with tiredness. What can i do that can make it more comfortable.
So appreciate any helpful replies....

 How long do the runs last for?
I started getting mild diarrhea a little over 2 hours ago and it's escalated into full blown explosive diarrhea. I've taken 3 immodium and my stomach is still a little upset. When will it ...

 I'm having a slight health issue. Any help?
Well, for the past couple of months now, I've had this problem with my stomach. Within 5 minutes of eating ANYTHING, I get a horrible stinging pain in my stomach. I go through bottles of Tums in ...

 My 87 year old mother, Not Eating Well?
My mom is 87, just got out of a rehab after a short hospital stay, debilitated by not eating regular meals, just eating bread. She got good meals in the hospital/rehab, but I am worried her old ...

 what will help me cure my hangover?

 If i took 100 laxatives could I have a heart attack?
please take this question seriously, i have abused laxatives in the past and i want to purge but i do not want to die. ...

 can we digest small bones?
well i notice that i swallow a SMALL piece of bones that come from cooked chicken breast.
can i digest it, or is it going to block my ...

 Should I stay home tomorrow?(details inside)?
I've missed 5 days of high school, on account of "sinusitis." I've had a fever since thursday, and I went home sick that day. I skipped friday, then went home sick again monday. I&...

 health insurance for a 19 year old need medication?
Is there any help other than Mass. Health for a 19 year old liveing in Ma.? Was turned down for Mas.Health no job started paper work for SSI but it will take time. In the mean time need to take pills?...

 The lower part of my body twitched?
It happened when I was in bed. I was preparing to fall asleep and suddenly the lower part of my body shook. I don't know what could have caused it but it scares me. It happened last night as ...

 The fastest way to get THC out of your system?
The last time I smoked regular marijuana either last thursday or friday. I really wanna join the tennis team at my school, but for that I need a physical. They do take urine samples, and they will ...

Spit up blood clot, day 5 after tonsillectomy?
I just spat up this circular kind of thing, like the shape of a red blood cell it was about the size of a fingernail, is that dangerous? Is it a blood clot? I'm not coughing up any blood or spitting up any
I had my tonsils out monday and its now friday

ali b
This looks normal from your description
but if bleeding is increase or be fresh you have to consult the doctor.
as for pain it is normal but you have to eat , the pain will go after normal movement of the palate and eating help early relive.

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