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Smoking weed out of soda can/aluminum foil...is it really bad?
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Spare me the lecture on how you think that weed is bad or cancer causing or whatever!!!!

just wanna know about smoking out of a bowl made from aluminum foil or soda can. risks? side effects? why?

weridoits all bad everything

no worse than smoking weed.

weed is bad or cancer causing or whatever

Radar G
these people are idoits..its pretty easy to tell if your weed is laced,also im sure you got a good freind dellear or something like most people i doubt you are going to the ghetto and buying from bums..but can isnt as good as joints..or bowls pipes.,.bongs..homemade bongs or like chillums but my pothead freinds brother once conviced me the can is bad and i should share my weed with him so we could use his bong but im a pothead know alright man

smoke up
have fun
49 cons reppin
FOUR nine say it 49

i heard it gives u Alzheimer's careful

Waiting in a dream
I don't know if it would be any worse than smoking weed out of whatever you usually do; but obviously it's going to have side effects anyways.

I know you don't want a lecture or anything, but all I'm going to say is to be careful that you don't have weed laced with anything else. It's not like you can go to the police and report someone for mixing deadly/toxic substances into your weed. And obviously it's really bad to smoke weed in general, sooo why would this be a good idea? But if youre asking if it's especially dangerous, I doubt it, though I wouldnt trust a soda can under any heat whatsoever.

no, although i'd recommend smoking weed in a joint or in a pipe/bong. it's not as enjoyable out of a soda can, although it still is effective if done right.

matt e
yea bro it is bad.....i used to smoke out of cans nd then when we didnt have one my buddies nd i made an aluminum pipe.........my pops whos a hippie found it nd said dont use cans or aluminum cuz they're bad nd they're made with certain chemicals that can cause lead poisoning.....im not lecturing u on smoking tho....more power to ya bro....

I'm in NEED
Yeah, I used to use tin foil, the **** tastes horrible out of that, but i finally got enough money to buy a nice bowl and it definitely made a huge difference in my experience.

I also heard that smoking out of tin foil can cause cancer or some crazy **** like that. Hope that helped, have fun.

yea dude its not good for you, makes the weed taste wierd too. Foil bowls arent that bad but tinnies (cans) are gross. Your better off smoking a J or just investing in a small bowl, if you dont want that though you can make Grav bongs, or other water bongs pretty easily

Smoking out/off of those things add dangerous carcinogens to the smoke. I highly recommend not doing that. Smoking with a glass item is ideal.

As for the people answering this question. Don't answer with a bunch of nonsense BS.

Panacea: You are a moron if you truly believe all marijuana is laced with other drugs. In fact, out of the years I have been smoking I have not come across laced weed nor have I met someone else who has. You are trying to use scare tactics to make people afraid of weed like you appear to be.

Also, it doesn't cause Alzheimer's (in fact it can help with it), doesn't kill brain cells (studies have shown that it may actually spur new brain cell growth) and doesn't cause cancer.

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