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 My lips are extremely chapped!!!!!!!!!!!?
The lips not so much but the outline of my upper lip is(where you wold put lip liner).Any suggestions for products????????...

 quit smoking and now my tongue hurts really bad?
stopped smoking :) that's all good but.....
after about 5 days my tongue started to hurt, its now day 8 and it is really bad. i had a look in the mirror and it's cracked where it hurts....

 I fainted three times consecutively in the shower this morning?
Is this common? I've fainted before but never three times consecutively and I'm a little freaked out.
I'm bulimic but getting help for it....

 It's 1:40 AM and I have to wake up at 5:20 AM for school, I can't sleep at all?
What do I do?...

 Would things would have been different if i smoked this one marijuana?
well i was in a big depression couple of months ago, this guy offers me marijuana saying it was on the house, he told me to go home, smoke it and feel better, I made a choice to throw it away tho, ...

 What time do you go to bed?
On a school night and a nonschool night. And if its not too personal ur age too?...

 How come dental and vision is not apart of health insurance?
Why do people need three different insurance policies. You have dental, vision, and health insurance. Why can't it all be in one its all dealing with your health?...

 If I were to commit suicide by overdose of pills can my organs still be good for donation?

 Does drinking A LOT of water really clean out your system from THC?
I got urine tested && failed it, but if you smoke marijuana how long does THC last in your system && does drinking LOTS of water clean out your system?!...

 I have really bad chapped lips ?
My lips are really chapped and ive tried chap stick but it doesn't ...

 How to get to sleep faster?
Whenever I try to get to sleep, I end up staying up till 4oclock.
Sometimes- I get zero sleep on a school night.

I really wanna go to sleep- but I can never get to sleep :]

 Feeling nauseous but not throwing up?
I searched Google for a reason to my nausea but I can't seem to find one beyond 'pregnancy'. I'm 15 years old and a virgin and for the past week or so I've felt ill. Not like ...

 What would a hospital do if they found signs of severe malnurishment in an ER?? please help?

 what can I expect after my surgery!?
Hi there I am having surgery soon and not sure what to expect! It is knee surgery and the doctor and I had discussed him removing something from my knee. We are not sure what it is or where it came ...

 have computers helped in the medical field in any way? i.e. hospitals and stuff?

 Im on a fast, and got diarrhea?
I am on a fast, and eat VERY little food, but hardly drink fluids. Is the diarrhea because of the fast, or not enough fluids. Can you also answer how long it takes for diarrhea to go away....

 How tall is he if they are?
If someone say they are 3.90 . I don't know if its on feet or inches.

How tall are they?...

 after a tonsillectomy when can i eat....?
ok so i got them out friday morning and it is now monday afternoon and im still in a lot of pain and what i want to know if i feel like it tommorow or in a few days could i have a cheeseburger or a ...

 My friend took 3 perks, 2 xanaxs, drank vodka and smoked pot and about to get ecxtacy... what will happen?
i saw my friend, he said to me he took 3 perks, 2 xanaxs, drank some vodka and smoked a blunt and is now gonna get extacy... will he o.d? im ...

 I smoked 2 1/2 weeks ago?
I feel so ridiculous for asking. It was the first time in 2 years. One time only. I took a drug test today and I'm extremely scared I would not have passed, Would it have cleared from my system?...

Suzie Q.
Quit smoking-now im hungry all the time!?
I just stopped smoking two days ago.I dont know if it matters but the brand i used to smoke was NEWPORT.
what can i do about this non stop hunger im having?could it be because of quitting cold turkey? im starving all day!has anyone else experienced this?

I learned this a long time ago.
Just think of the word, and color blue, nonstop
Like CAPSLOCK letters that say blue, with a blue background.

It actually works :3

Smoking curbs hunger, and you just quit . . so yeah.

Technically it's only been two days, so you didn't quit for sure just yet.
There's a 72 hour period you have to make it past, if you go 3 days, than there's a good chance you can go the rest of your life.

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