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 I just graduated High school and i finally decided to become a pharmacy tech......?
then from there if i really enjoy it then become a pharmacist...but my problem is i really dont know where to begin like i start college in August but dont really know what classes to take, so can ...

 Losing my voice : *****(?
I have to go back to school in a day. I lost my voice. What should I do if I need a bathroom pass or help on an asignment?...

 Is it really that bad to hold your pee?
I hold my pee, alot until the last second. Either I am in bed and too lazy to get up or I'm at work and don't have time. I read that you can get kidney problems if you hold it on a ...

 Are there any other options I have beside going to a doctor?
I have pressure in my head and a painful area in front of my right ear. No fever. I don't want to go to a doctor, but I'm also unsure about what I have or if I need to. There's no pain ...

 how to get your parents to quit smoking?

 dizziness....... what could be wrong (Please answer)??????
Ok, I've been having this problem for a long time, whenever I'm lying down or even just sitting on a chair, and then I suddenly get up, I start getting all dizzy, and black out for a couple ...

 Help Sinus and EYe Infection should i swim?
I'm On Antibiotics for infected sinus and Antibiotic Drops Beacause My eyes are infected from the mucus Draining into my eyes I have Swimming class Monday Should I swim? is it a Good Idea? If i ...

 Is someone who is trans-gender considered eligible for disability?
On Dr. Phil last week they had a show about people living and dealing with gender identity disorder or being trans-gender. The show mentioned the fact that these people were denied work opportunities ...

 i have no energy through out the day, and i feel tired?
i feel like i always am tired and i never have energy.
how could i get more energy or fell more awake and ...

 Why do I always feel tired and sleep for very long and continious hours?

 organ donor - donate all EXCEPT?
on the organ donor card, it has the box to check to donate all needed or donate only following organs and then gives a line to write which.

however, what if you wanted to donate all organs ...

 Medication advice for my sleeping disorder?
I have trouble falling asleep. I will lay in bed for ten to twenty minutes, having a very hard time "quieting" my thoughts i should say. Sometimes this lasts for a good forty minutes or so, ...

 How did you quit smoking?
Please only answer if you used to be a smoker. how did you do it, and how long has it been? Do you still get cravings after all those years? There is a part of me that wants to quit, but there is a ...

 what do you call it when you are a sleep and you know you need to get awake but cant?

 What Will Happen If you don't get much sleep ?
What would happen if you don't get such necessary sleep, for example, if you stay up for about 48 hrs?...

 How many hours sleep should a teenager get a night?
I'm 17, and I get 8 hours sleep a night but still end up napping during the day cause I'm tired. Whats the deal? Thanks....

 what will happen if you didn't sleep for 24+ hours?
will someone die or something if he stayed awake for say 30 hours because he had too much to do?...

 How to get clear eyes without Visine?
My eyes are always slightly red. They are never completely clear unless I put Visine in them. What is a natural alternative?...

 Will I be healthier and look younger if I sleep 10-11 hours each night instead of 7-8?
I know they say that a person should get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. There are some people who naturally can't sleep more than 5 hours each night. The teenagers can sleep 12 hours on ...

 Did you ever wake up in the morning, and not know what day it was?
That's happened to me a couple of times....

My middle finger is crooked, why?
My middle finger on both hands are crooked at the top, bending sideways towards the pinky finger. My dad also has this so I take after him, but his parents don't have it, so it hasn't been passed down for generations. I was just curious why this is.
Apparently gay people have this but do not suggest this as I am not gay xD And my dad is not gay either, obviously.
If anybody is into the whole palm-reading conspiracy thing too and has some theories I am into those so please feel free to tell me about those too!

The stalker
you used it too much
bad boy

Zoey BayyBayy
o_o thats.....weird. But go to a doctor.

Braindead Brainiac
It simply is, and no, there is no physical trait that marks someone as "gay".

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